China 100 people arrested that produced edible oil with rotten meat

China allows this to happen if it makes money!

100 people arrested that produced edible oil with rotten meat

100 people arrested that produced edible oil with rotten meat

100 people arrested that produced edible oil with rotten meat

Over 100 people are arrested and the authorities closed down 13 underground stores , they could receive the death penalty

BEIJING, April 4. – The Chinese authorities seized more than 3 200 tons of a new kind of ‘oil drain’ a product of decomposed animal fat and internal organs, said in a statement the Ministry of Public Security country according to the portal published today.

More than 100 people suspected of producing this oil were arrested in a police operation conducted in late March in two municipalities and four provinces and in which also closed 13 stores underground producers of that oil, said the medium.

In the field believe that the case seriously undermines the health of many people and future generations as the oil was distributed in a very large land area. Last year we reported several cases of informal sale of ‘oil drain’, as is known from re-used and leftover cooking oil from restaurants.

The new case, however, is the preparation of oil from rotten meat or of poor quality and even decomposed carcasses by using the fat of animals or their organs the Ministry specified the source said.

Death Penalty

In August 2011 the Chinese government launched a national campaign to counter bad practice to food security and in late February this year it was reported that in cases of extreme gravity marketers ‘gutter oil’ could be sentenced to the death penalty.

However, food adulteration scandals continue. For example, in October 2011, in the eastern province of Zhejiang Chinese police arrested a man named Li Weijian illegal who produced oil from animal carcasses and have their organs in a warehouse in the factory. Li produced oil profits generated will only between January and November last year, more than a million dollars, and was distributed in the eastern provinces of Anhui and Jiangsu provinces and the municipality of Chongqing, in southwest China, for use in restaurants.

According to official figures, Beijing processed over 600 tons of oil of which 60 tons are waste, a situation similar to that of the northern cities of Tianjin and Hebei. In recent years, Chinas’ food practices has caused fatalities and in 2008 when cans of infant milk from dairy farms was contaminated with the toxic chemical melamine, which affected 300 000 babies of which 6 died.