The Colombian volcano Nevado del Ruiz erupts

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, warned of the situation on the social network Twitter

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The volcano Nevado del Ruiz, in west-central Colombia recorded today, “an eruptive event” at 1740 hours local (2240 GMT), Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Manizales (OVSM).

A special bulletin of the scientific center that holds permanent watch on the volcano’s activity, ordered the change of alert in the Andean summit of “orange” to “red”, which is to say “imminent eruption or in progress.”

It also recommended that the authorities and the community “continue attentive to any changes present in the activity” of the volcano.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, warned of the situation on the social network Twitter.

“The volcano Nevado del Ruiz erupted. Please follow all planned contingency plans,” Santos wrote. No authority has reported damage in the areas influence of the volcano.”

The OSVM informed of the situation to the governors and Luis Piedrahita Gudio Echeverry Carlos Delgado, the departments of Caldas and Tolima, respectively, the heads of the zones of influence. scientific authorities themselves had changed the status of the alert “orange” to “yellow” on 29 May after the seismic changes, instability and fall of volcanic ash from the summit.

In November 1985 a score of Caldas and Tolima stocks were hard hit after an eruption from the crater Arenas causing a thaw and a flood that killed about 23,000 of the 25,000 inhabitants of the town of Armero. The volcano Nevado del Ruiz, at an altitude of 5,364 meters above sea level, is part of the so called Nevados Natural Park Andean Central Cordillera of Colombia.

Popocatepetl registered 26 eruptions of low and medium intensity

In the morning the Popocatepetl registered 26 eruptions of low and medium intensity, the National Center for Disaster Prevention


Popocatepetl registered 26 eruptions of low and medium intensity

Popocatepetl registered 26 eruptions of low and medium intensity

Popocatepetl photo taken by President Felipe Calderon


MEXICO CITY, May 8. – The President, Felipe Calderon, posted on his Twitter account a photograph of Popocatepetl, that on his way to Puebla, the image was a favorite site for photo editing Instagram .

Calderon tweeted, “photo # Popo, flying to Puebla, was favorite on # Instagram, I hope the community likes twitter”

In the morning the Popocatepetl registered 26 exhalations of low and medium intensity, the National Center for Disaster Prevention, which warned “high” of volcanic activity.

Also reported that the set of seismic activity was accompanied by the emission of a dense continuous plume of water vapor, gas and small to moderate amounts of ash.

Anonymous group canceles -Threat against Los Zetas!

We are sorry, say Anonymous

We are sorry, say Anonymous

Anonymous group canceled announced reprisals against the Zetas cartel for being a very risky operation, and was informed through a press and social networks for different users.

After disappearance of one of its members in Veracruz, one of the members announced reprisals against the drug cartelLos Zetas” with “Operation Cartel.”

However, because of the great risks involved in leaking information and to safeguard the integrity of persons adhering to the collective group of hackers decided to cancel the whole operation.

“Destroying # OpCartel because the lives of people who are not participating n can be at risk,” was published in the first text of the cancellation of the transaction, through Twitter account @ Sm0k34n0n.

Before this action the company and strategic intelligence analysis, Stratfor published an article about the “serious risk” involving actions of leakage of information about members of Los Zetas.

“Last October 6 Anonymous posted that they would inform on those who are members of Los Zetas” if Anonymous carries out its threat, it will almost certainly lead to death of the persons named as members of the cartel, whether or not the information published is accurate, “says the article by Stratfor.

In an interview with MILLENNIUM, two members of Anonymous, and Skill3r GlynissParoubek be contacted to explain the circumstances:

Why it was decided to cancel the operation “

We can not be reckless administrators to condemn to death those who participate, we have talked and discussed extensively by all and it was decided to remove it.

So why throw threats, “It’s very easy to make a video on behalf of Anonymous and launch air threats, but to think, plan and evaluate the pros and cons is another story,” they said.

What’s next ” “They continue other operations, but for now we hope to make clear that the cartel operation is false.”

Anonymous released a statement which is bounded on pages published names of officials involved in the cartel Los Zetas.

“Dear followers and supporters of this page (Anonymous). I hereby disclaims Mexico Anonymous entirely the responsibility of the news of hacking a page that is linked to alleged cartel zest”, is detailed in the text that circulated .

“Our struggle is not of this type and our ideals do not go with that operation. The note published by several electronic media is completely false. We ask for your support to spread this news,” concludes denying other media that published the page.

Finally hacktivists expressed what their official media to avoid rumors speaking:

Mexican Casinos’ under Fire!

An arson attack on a casino in the northern Mexican industrial city of Monterrey sparked a massive fire and killed at least 53 people, the governor of the state of Nuevo Leonsaid late on Thursday.

Mexican Drug Wars

Governor Rodrigo Medina announced the grim toll in an interview with the Televisa network, adding that the vast establishment, the Casino Royale, had been set ablaze using some kind of flammable liquid “like gasoline.”

President Felipe Calderon condemned the attack, calling it an “abhorrent and barbaric act of terror” in a message on Twitter and expressing his solidarity with the people of Nuevo Leon, of which Monterrey is the capital.

Casinos in Monterrey have recently been targeted because some owners have refused to pay protection money demanded by criminal gangs linked to the country’s booming drugs trade, local media have reported.

Medina said the attack was carried out by six men who arrived at the casino in two vehicles around 4:pm on Thursday. Some men entered the casino “and screamed out ‘everyone hit the floor,’” a witness who spoke on condition of anonymity told Mexican media. “I don’t know if there was a weapon that makes such a noise, but an impressive explosion followed — I never want to go through something like that again,” said the witness, who fled to the rooftop with a friend to escape the flames.

The state head of civil protection, Jorge Camacho, said that the death toll was so high because many people hid in bathrooms and offices when they heard the explosions instead of heading to the emergency exits, and were trapped by the flames. Most of the victims had died of smoke inhalation, he said. It took firefighters four hours to control the flames, and Medina warned that more bodies could be found inside the casino.

Calderon ordered interior minister Francisco Blake to Monterrey to head the government probe into the attack. Only a few years ago, Monterrey had been seen as one of Mexico’s safest cities.

But Nuevo Leon state and its capital, which is home to four million people, have seen an increasing amount of drug-related violence, with more than 70 people killed in Monterrey last month alone.

Nearly 850 people were killed in the state in the first half of the year, compared to 278 murder victims for all of 2010, according to a tally by the national newspaper Reforma. More than 41,000 people have died in violence linked to Mexico’s organised crime gangs since Calderon launched a military crackdown in December 2006.

Authorities said a drug cartel was apparently responsible for the attack.  Cartels often extort casinos and other businesses, threatening to attack them or  burn them to the ground if they refuse to pay. In an act of desperation, authorities commandeered backhoes from a nearby construction site to break into the casino’s walls to try to reach the people trapped inside. “This is a night of sadness for Mexico,” Alejandro Poire, the federal security spokesman, said in a televised address. “An unspeakable, repugnant, unacceptable act of terror has been
committed.” “These unspeakable acts of terror will not go unpunished,” Poire said, adding federal authorities were aiding state forces in the investigation.

While there was no immediate information linking the attack to drug cartels, Monterrey has seen bloody turf battles between the Zetas and Gulf cartels in recent months.

Once Mexico’s symbol of development and prosperity, the city is seeing this year’s drug-related murders on a pace to double last year’s and triple those of the year before.

Larrazabal said the casino, in a well-off part of Monterrey, had been closed by authorities in May for building an expansion without a permit, but a judge later granted the owner an injunction to continue operating.

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