America has become paranoid after Obama’s re-election

Marijuana, states leaving the USA, and Star wars phobia!

Marijuana, states leaving the USA, and Star wars phobia!

Marijuana, secession and now ‘Star Wars’: Thousands of Americans have signed yet another bizarre online White House petition, this one to “secure funding and resources” to build the ‘Death Star’ space station from the popular sci-fi film.

­“By focusing our defense resources into a space-superiority platform and weapon system such as a Death Star, the government can spur job creation in the fields of construction, engineering, space exploration, and more, and strengthen our national defense,” the petition on the White House website reads.

The document, created on November 14 by a resident of Colorado, has already collected over 5,000 signatures. The petition needs around 20,000 more by December 14 for it to be formally reviewed by the White House staff.

The Death Star is the planet-destroying space station built by the Galactic Empire in the wildly popular sci-fi movie saga ‘Star Wars,’ directed by George Lucas. The franchise is adored by millions of fans around the world.

Earlier this year, students at Lehigh University in the US calculated the hypothetical cost of building a Death Star at $8.52 quadrillion – roughly 13,000 times the world’s GDP.

The White House’s petition platform, which allows anyone to offer suggestions to the government, is relatively new and was created to provide citizens with “new way to create or join the petition encouraging government to take action on the range of issues.”

The move has resulted in a cornucopia of bizarre petitions: Adopting the Gray Wolf to join the Bald Eagle as the national mascot; legalizing the use of magic mushrooms and mescaline; even to “shut down White House petitions, since they never get a sincere response… and are ultimately worthless.

The most popular petition on the website so far calls for the peaceful secession of Texas, which has collected over 110,000 signatures.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Faces His accuser in Paris!

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn had a police-arranged meeting Thursday with the French writer who accuses him of a 2003 rape attempt, an allegation she repeated in the face-to-face session.

The encounter between Tristane Banon, 32, and Strauss-Kahn, 62, took place at a Paris police station as part of an investigation so that prosecutors can decide whether to bring charges.

Only police were present at the encounter, common in French justice when two people give a different version of events. One of Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers said both sides had stuck to their version of what happened.

“DSK stuck to his version of events, as did she,” lawyer Henri Leclerc said, using the politician’s initials, by which he is commonly known in France.

Asked whether his client had apologized, Leclerc said, “He has nothing to apologize for.”

Banon gave a television news interview late Thusday, saying that she had maintained her allegation that the one-time French presidential hopeful had lured her to a Paris apartment and violently tried to rape her.

“There was a rape attempt and I repeated that,” Banon told TF1 television.

“I had in front of me exactly the same Strauss-Kahn that I saw on television, with the same arrogance, the same coldness,” said Banon, who lodged a formal complaint against Strauss-Kahn in July.

She brought the charge after Strauss-Kahn was accused of attempting to rape a New York hotel maid, although charges related to that case were dropped after US prosecutors deemed the alleged victim unreliable.

“I thought he’d apologize at least for what he’s admitted to. I looked at him constantly, he didn’t dare look at me,” Banon said.

The Socialist politician denies attempted rape, says Banon’s allegation is imaginary and is suing her for defamation.

She said she did not feel hatred towards Strauss-Kahn, only contempt, and alleged that he was employing people to try to discredit her.

“I knew I’d be given a hard time, just as Nafissatou Diallo [the hotel maid] was in the United States,” she said.

“In what kind of country do you attack my lawyer, my childhood, my family, my father in order to explain that I wasn’t the victim of an attempted rape?”

Banon also poured scorn on Strauss-Kahn’s attempt to get a civil case brought by Diallo in New York dismissed, claiming diplomatic immunity as a former chief of the International Monetary Fund.

“That’s just like him,” she said. “I ask myself why would an innocent man need immunity? If I was wrongly accused of something I wouldn’t need diplomatic immunity.

“What does diplomatic immunity mean? That you have the right to attack women, to try to rape them, to rape them?”

Thursday’s meeting could bring investigations to a close, after which the prosecutor could decide that there’s no case, or that the alleged crime happened too long ago or that a prosecution is warranted.

Banon’s complaint is for attempted rape rather than sexual assault or harassment. If the prosecutor decides to downgrade the charge, Strauss-Kahn would be protected by a statute of limitations on the lesser crimes.

Banon has said that she will bring a civil suit if there is no criminal prosecution.

listeria outbreak in the USA, Cantaloups!

Listeria monocytogenes, the bacterium responsi...
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As many as 16 people in the United States have died within the last two months after contaminated cantaloupes tainted with the listeria bacteria made its way to grocers across America.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has found cases of listeria poisoning in 18 states so far, and has pegged the problem as causing at least 13 deaths. They are investigating more passings and believe that 72 people in America have been infected so far.

Listeria is a bacterium that is resistant to both extreme hot and cold conditions and is usually found in soil, water and the innards of animals. Food-wise, an outbreak tied to a cantaloupe harvest is unusual, however. Typically the bacterium is carried in dairy products and raw meats. There around 800 cases of listeria illness in the United States every year, but rarely does an outbreak cause so many deaths. An outbreak in 1998 caused by contaminated hot dogs and deli meats caused 32 people to die from coast-to-coast. Around 100 others were injured in that incident.

The bacterium poses quite a problem to people because it could take a victim up to a month to show symptoms. “People who ate a contaminated food two weeks ago or even a week ago could still be falling sick weeks later,” says Dr. Robert Tauxe of the CDC to The Associated Press. Illnesses in this outbreak were first identified in late July, but the product was shipped to at least 17 different states between July 29 and September 10.

The “Rocky Ford” brand of cantaloupe from Jensen Farms in Holly, Colorado is considered the culprit in this case. The distributor has issued a recall on their produce earlier this month, but because of its ability to withstand various heat conditions and lengthy incubation period, even those that consumed cantaloupe weeks earlier should show concern. The FDA has asked that all consumers throw out the recalled melons in order to avoid illness.

Shoppers that may have picked up Rocky Ford-brand melons should look out for common symptoms of listeria, which includes fever and muscle aches, occasionally with other gastrointestinal symptoms. Meningitis and cervical infections are also known symptoms, the latter of which has been known to cause cases of stillbirth. If the condition worsens, it can often cause victims to become incapacitated and unable to speak. Pregnant women, people with AIDS and those with weakened immune systems are most vulnerable to the outbreak, says the CDC.

Already more people have been killed by the listeria outbreak than the last big food scare in America. Infected peanuts back in 2008 managed to take nine lives from salmonella poisoning.

Barack Obama called the Antichrist!

Obama anti-christ

Obama anti-christ

When I get this picture from the Mexican Press, I become concerned about who  is running our country! Maybe the Democrats in the USA believe that this man is the top choice, they should really think about their choice. He is the Devil in disguise!

It is impossible to interupt the Antichrist, when he is speaking with a Golden Tongue, and false lips!

The U.S. president, Barack Obama led a fundraising event in West Hollywood, which was altered by the disruption of a person who called the Antichrist.

When the president gave a speech in the House of Blues, where he attended a few thousand people who paid at least $ 250, an individual attempt to reach the presidium but only launched the phrase ‘Jesus Christ is God and Barack Obama is the antichrist! “.

In the confusion of the secret service agents surrounded him while at the same time was overwhelmed by a cascade of boos, along with a growing cry of support for his re-election for ‘four more years! “.

Do not forget to marijuana

Without major incident and then passed to the president to remain silent, the security guards dragged the man while another asked him ‘do not forget to medical marijuana. “

First of all I mean agreed that God is King I believe in that,” resumed the president when order was restored, causing a loud applause from the audience.

In his speech he held in his plan to raise taxes on the haves, in addition to criticizing Republicans who have opposed his proposed agenda.

Therefore, attendees called for pressure on Republicans in Congress to approve his economic agenda this.

After his speech there was a brief performance by rapper BoB who sang his hit “Nothing On You ‘.