DEA and Dirty Money; Mexico and the USA


Dirty Money

DEA and Dirty Money

Todd Robinson, deputy assistant secretary of the International Narcotics Affairs and Law Enforcement United States government, acknowledged that his country does use agents to infiltrated the Mexican financial system to investigate the flow of washing money to Mexico.

Interviewed on the premises of the National Institute of Penal Sciences (INACIPE), where the U.S. official came to review the implementation of educational resources as part of the Merida Initiative, said that Mexico and the United States will continue working to combat criminal organizations.

When asked about whether U.S. agents have been laundering money in Mexico and if they are covert operations or part of a strategy, the officer replied that “it will use all the tools able to fight organized crime and narcotics trafficking.”

The theme of the infiltration of agents of that country in the Mexican financial system to investigate money laundering flows caused great controversy after The New York Times reported that President Barack Obama has not only implemented strategies of infiltration into the flow of weapons such as the Fast and Furious operation, but also agents of the Federal Drug Enforcement (DEA, for its acronym in English) money launderers Mexican cartels to identify members of these criminal groups. Interviewed after a tour of the INACIPE, Robinson reiterated that the governments of both countries are working on coordinated actions to combat organized crime and drug cartels.

“We have many programs and many ways of collaborating with the Mexican government are partners in this fight against organized crime and narcotics trafficking, and we will continue the collaboration. They are good partners and we will continue with this, “he said. On Sunday, the influential newspaper in the U.S. revealed that the DEA is working with Mexico’s drug cartels to launder money from drug sales in U.S. territory.

The New York Times revealed that the DEA helps Mexico to located and identify unknown amounts or millions of dollars. “undercover U.S. drug agents have washed or smuggled millions of dollars from drug sales, as part of Washington’s growing role in the fight against cartels in Mexico,” presumably on the grounds to detect and identify the strategies used by drug traffickers to launder money, says the report signed by Ginger Thompson, whose base are statements of agents and former agents of the DEA who remain anonymous.

In addition the report highlights that the DEA agents “have handled shipments of thousands of dollars to the border crossing “and even deposit the money in accounts that they designate the same drug or other authorities created by the Obama administration.


Mexicos Organic Law; National Anti-Corruption and Combating Money Laundering!

Mexican States by Political Party

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The Senator‘s National Action Party (PAN), Ricardo García Cervantes, introduced a bill to create the Organic Law of the National Anti-Corruption Prosecution and Combating Money Laundering.

In an interview, the vice coordinator of the PAN senators recalled that last September he proposed a constitutional amendment which proposes to create such a prosecution, and Money lending act which is already, commissioned for their respective dictaminación.

Thus, he explained, “is now presented the proposed organic law will regulate the structure and the functioning of the organ of the Mexican state.”

He explained that the prosecution seeks to prevent, punish and eradicate corruption and preserve the integrity of the Powers of the Union, the states, Federal District and autonomous constitutional bodies.

Garcia Cervantes said that corruption and ‘wash’ money represents “direct threat” to the national economy that cause adverse effects as a misguided distribution of public resources.

Therefore, the Prosecutor is created, to automatically pursue all cases of corruption and those arising from the use of illegally obtained financial resources committed by any member of the Powers of the Union, he said.

Garcia Cervantes said that the prosecution will be chaired by a national prosecutor, whose appointment will be made pursuant to the notice issued by the Senate, and shall be elected by two-thirds of the Senators present.

The prosecutor last eight years in office and may be reelected only once, and will only be removed for violations of that law or the Constitution, for which it should make impeachment against him, he said.

The PAN senator said that also created the National Register of Financial Condition of Public Servants including records of the Powers of the Union, which will have unrestricted access to the prosecution.

The Zetas in Guatemala!

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Guatemala’s criminal organizations are the most sophisticated and dangerous in Central America. Some of them have been in operation for decades. They include former members of the military, intelligence agencies and active members of the police. Transporting illegal drugs north comprises the bulk of their activity, but organized crime in Guatemala is also involved in marijuana and poppy cultivation, as well as human trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, money laundering, arms smuggling, adoption rings, eco trafficking and other illegal enterprises. They often work with groups from Mexico, Colombia and other Central American nations. And they have the potential to expand and command other Central American nations’ underworlds.