Meteor seen in Easter United States and Canada!

NEW YORK, March 23. – A meteor bright enough to be classified as a “fireball” lit up the sky in the eastern United States and Canada during the night of Friday, providing a spectacular view, said American Meteor Society.

The company verified over 300 sightings from Ontario and Quebec in Canada to the southern United States, and another 100 are being reviewed more, said Mike Hankey, an observer of the American Meteor Society.

“This has been the clearest fireball view seen over much of the eastern United States,” said Robert Lunsford, society coordinator.

“The firball was seen about 8 pm (local time) and lasted for about five seconds, when many people saw it,” said Lunsford.

The company described the fireball as a meteor brighter than Venus, and Lunsford said may be even brighter than the Sun, as was the case when a meteorite exploded over Russia on 15 February.

Meteorites are small particles of the solar system that burn on contact with the atmosphere.

Several thousand meteors of fireball magnitude occur every day, most of which are not seen to take place over the ocean or daylight, says the company on its website.

“At first I thought the fireball was a plane flying low,” said a witness of West Chester, Pennsylvania, whose comments were recorded by the company.

Many witnesses saw the brightest meteor they had ever seen. “I still cannot believe it,” said another of Boonsboro, Maryland.

how to handle an emergency, like a huge asteroid that is heading towards Earth!

CAPE CANAVERAL, Administrator of NASA, Charles Bolden, has a recommendation on how to handle an emergency, like a huge asteroid that is heading towards the city of New York: Pray. Good advice, if the USA believed in God; but that is not the current case, is it?

what to expect in the Future!

what to expect in the Future!

That is all that the United States-or any other country could do right now about unknown asteroids and meteorites that could travel on a collision course with Earth, Bolden said Tuesday lawmakers at a hearing before the Committee on Science of the House of Representatives.

An asteroid estimated to have been 17 meters in diameter exploded on February 15 Chelyabinsk, Russia, generating shock waves that smashed windows and damaged buildings. More than 1,500 people were injured.

Later that day, an asteroid larger and unrelated, which had been discovered the previous year, passed within 27,681 miles of Earth, closer than television satellites and climate orbiting the planet.

The events “serve as evidence that we live in an active solar system with potentially dangerous objects that pass through our neighborhood with surprising frequency,” said Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Texas.

“We were lucky that last month’s events were just an interesting coincidence rather than a catastrophe,” said the committee chairman, Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican, who convened the hearing to find out what is being done and how much money is needed to better protect the planet.

NASA has found and is tracking about 95 percent of the largest objects flying near Earth, those with a diameter of 1 km or more.

“An asteroid that size, a mile or more, it could plausibly end civilization,” said science adviser John Holdren White House lawmakers at the hearing.

But about 10 percent of an estimated total of 10 000 possible asteroid “kill cities”, those with a diameter of 50 meters, have been found, said Holdren.

The average size objects that fall on the Earth every thousand years.

“From the information we have, we do not know of an asteroid that will threaten the U.S. population,” said Bolden. “But if that happens in the next three weeks, pray,” he added.

Besides increasing its monitoring efforts and international arms companies, NASA is seeking to develop technologies that divert an object that could travel with collision course with Earth.

“The chances of a near-Earth object hit us causing a huge number of casualties and destruction of infrastructure are very small, but the potential consequences of such an event are so great that it makes sense to take the risk seriously,” said Holdren.

Makes about 66 million years ago, an object 10 kilometers in diameter would have fallen into what is now known as the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs, as well as most of the plant and animal life on Earth.

The asteroid that exploded over Russia last month is the biggest thing that has beaten the atmosphere of the Earth from the Tunguska event of 1908, when an asteroid or comet exploded over Siberia, felling 80 million trees over 2000 150 square kilometers.

America has become paranoid after Obama’s re-election

Marijuana, states leaving the USA, and Star wars phobia!

Marijuana, states leaving the USA, and Star wars phobia!

Marijuana, secession and now ‘Star Wars’: Thousands of Americans have signed yet another bizarre online White House petition, this one to “secure funding and resources” to build the ‘Death Star’ space station from the popular sci-fi film.

­“By focusing our defense resources into a space-superiority platform and weapon system such as a Death Star, the government can spur job creation in the fields of construction, engineering, space exploration, and more, and strengthen our national defense,” the petition on the White House website reads.

The document, created on November 14 by a resident of Colorado, has already collected over 5,000 signatures. The petition needs around 20,000 more by December 14 for it to be formally reviewed by the White House staff.

The Death Star is the planet-destroying space station built by the Galactic Empire in the wildly popular sci-fi movie saga ‘Star Wars,’ directed by George Lucas. The franchise is adored by millions of fans around the world.

Earlier this year, students at Lehigh University in the US calculated the hypothetical cost of building a Death Star at $8.52 quadrillion – roughly 13,000 times the world’s GDP.

The White House’s petition platform, which allows anyone to offer suggestions to the government, is relatively new and was created to provide citizens with “new way to create or join the petition encouraging government to take action on the range of issues.”

The move has resulted in a cornucopia of bizarre petitions: Adopting the Gray Wolf to join the Bald Eagle as the national mascot; legalizing the use of magic mushrooms and mescaline; even to “shut down White House petitions, since they never get a sincere response… and are ultimately worthless.

The most popular petition on the website so far calls for the peaceful secession of Texas, which has collected over 110,000 signatures.

Artic Ice Cap in massive Meltdown!

This image shows the Arctic as observed by the...

This image shows the Arctic as observed by the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer for EOS (AMSR-E) aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite on September 16, 2007. The image shows a record sea ice minimum in the Arctic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Arctic ice cap shrank this year to a size never seen before because of an alarming acceleration of melting, according to data released yesterday by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

According to the organization, which acts as a major arms UN scientists, the Arctic surface was reduced last September 16 to a minimum since satellite observations exist.

That day, the thaw that began in March reached 11 million 830 thousand square kilometers, 3.3 million more than had been seen before.

That thaw “extra” is comparable to the size of India, the WMO said in a statement.

The size of the ice minimum on record (September 16) was even 18 percent below the record minimum of two years before.

Introducing the state yesterday World Climate 2012, with the results of all extreme weather events occurred in the world from January to October, the WMO said the situation in the Arctic is further evidence of “the upheavals taking place in the oceans and biosphere “.

The Secretary-General of WMO, Michel Jarraud, I think we should be alarmed by the pace “spectacular” thaw-observed not only in the Arctic but also in Greenland, because while the ice will be formed this winter “will be a thin ice and thaws more vulnerable to future “.

“Definitely, our message is that the trend (the shrinking of the ice cap) not only continues but accelerates,” said the head of the scientific organization.

On the other pole of the Earth, the Antarctic continent, the WMO said in March it reached its fourth largest historic -5 million square kilometers for the month of March (melt period), becoming 16 percent greater than the average for that month.

In its expansion period (September), Antarctica recorded its largest size since 1979 up to 19.4 million square kilometers.

To explain, Jarraud noted that the Arctic is much “more sensitive” to the Antarctic to increase and temperature variations.

The Arctic, however, is more important for the global climate system, because without the ice ocean more solar energy would come and warm the sea, thereby reinforcing global warming.

Meltdown would have caused extreme heat and cold

In explaining the consequences of the melting of the Arctic, Jarraud mentioned that, besides contributing to sea level rise, “may be one of the causes of the extreme cold in Europe and northern Asia earlier this year.”

Only in Russia the temperature reached 50 degrees below zero.

He explained that this is “not inconsistent with global warming, but rather a result of this phenomenon. Global warming will not be uniform. ”

But this year also saw an increase in global temperature, which manifested itself in intense heat waves.

Spring temperatures set records in parts of Europe and the United States.

For most of March, much of both continents were affected by temperatures typical of summer. So, was the warmest March in Norway, the second to Switzerland, the third for Austria, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany, and the fourth to Denmark.

Average temperatures from January to October were the highest on record in the United States and the ninth highest worldwide.

The period from January to October was the ninth warmest since 1850. The global temperature of the earth and the ocean surface was 0.45 degrees Celsius above the average for 1961-1990, 14.2 degrees.

Moreover, the hurricane activity was normal in the world, but above average in the Atlantic, where ten storms reached hurricane strength, including Sandy , who wreaked havoc in the Caribbean and the U.S. east coast.

Sea level rises more than expected

The sea level rises, warming the globe, 60 percent faster than projected in 2007 by a group of UN experts on climate, IPCC, a study indicated yesterday.

The seas rise an average of 3.2 mm per year, according to a study by three climate experts and published by the British journal Environmental Research Letters .

The projection “most reliable” of the IPCC in 2007, with data for 2003, provided for a rise of 2 mm per year until 2010.

In its 2007 report, the IPCC estimated that the increase would be 18 to 59 cm by the end of the century, mainly due to the expansion of water, linked to warming.

The rise could reach and even exceed one meter, say now numerous scientific studies.

A figure deemed credible by one of the authors of the study led by Stefan Rahmstorf, of the Institute for Research on the Impact of Climate Change in Potsdam (Germany), which however does not focus on this point.

“This means that areas less than one meter above sea level, where there is a large concentration of population and Bangladesh, will disappear,” said one of the authors, Grant Foster of Tempo Analytics American society .

“There will be millions of climate refugees, and possible wars and all kinds of conflicts over access to resources,” he added.

“In cities like New York, the effects are seen during Hurricane Sandy, “he added.