Meteor seen in Easter United States and Canada!

NEW YORK, March 23. – A meteor bright enough to be classified as a “fireball” lit up the sky in the eastern United States and Canada during the night of Friday, providing a spectacular view, said American Meteor Society.

The company verified over 300 sightings from Ontario and Quebec in Canada to the southern United States, and another 100 are being reviewed more, said Mike Hankey, an observer of the American Meteor Society.

“This has been the clearest fireball view seen over much of the eastern United States,” said Robert Lunsford, society coordinator.

“The firball was seen about 8 pm (local time) and lasted for about five seconds, when many people saw it,” said Lunsford.

The company described the fireball as a meteor brighter than Venus, and Lunsford said may be even brighter than the Sun, as was the case when a meteorite exploded over Russia on 15 February.

Meteorites are small particles of the solar system that burn on contact with the atmosphere.

Several thousand meteors of fireball magnitude occur every day, most of which are not seen to take place over the ocean or daylight, says the company on its website.

“At first I thought the fireball was a plane flying low,” said a witness of West Chester, Pennsylvania, whose comments were recorded by the company.

Many witnesses saw the brightest meteor they had ever seen. “I still cannot believe it,” said another of Boonsboro, Maryland.

Salmonella Outbreak reports; suspect mangoes

They warn that the fruit came from several vendors, including one in Mexico

The authorities of California Public Health investigating a disease that is transmitted by food that has affected 73 people and has been linked with mangoes infected with salmonella.

Authorities said Tuesday they are still investigating what caused the outbreak of salmonella cases in California Braenderup. ‘re trying to identify what types of mango or sources could be related to the disease. Officials of the Department of Public Health of California reported that 67% of patients who have interviewed reported eating mangoes. They also said that the fruit came from several vendors, including one in Mexico.

Agency Canadian Food Inspection also recently reported illnesses resulting from the same bacterial strain. Authorities in California said they are working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration of the United States as well as Canada’s health agencies, to locate the cause.

Naked Shot Cycling World Morelia Mexico to save the Environment!

Naked cyclist out for a ride in Morelia Mexicoenvironmental awareness


Naked Shot Cycling World

Naked Shot Cycling World

The tour through the streets of Quiroga Basque street, Avenida Madero, Aqueduct, Francisco Marquez, Garcia de Leon Boulevard, Ventura Bridge, Aqueduct, The Tarascas, Aquiles Serdan, Av Madero to conclude in Plaza Hidalgo.

In the Plaza Valladolid left this morning March `Naked Shot Cycling World ‘, whose naked participants and others wearing only bikini or swimsuit toured some of the main streets of Morelia, to demand respect for the use of the bicycle as a mode of transportation and to express their disapproval to the dependence on fossil fuels.

About 300 cyclists gathered to participate in a tour, which was the third time in Morelia and to generate environmental awareness among citizens. The cyclist considers that the culture of respect for the cyclist remains urgent. ‘Daniel’, organizer of this event, said the hosting society is still frowned upon in some way and some of them are offended along the way, while girls are viewed with curiosity and some people cry.

The cyclists involved in this movement emerged in Canada, their bodies painted with slogans like: ‘Now I see’, “ Pedaléame to diario’y out your bike ‘. It to remember that in 2010 year was held for the first time this demonstration, were arrested about 60 participants in Solidarity Avenue, but for the second year sought the support of the Court, so that by 2011, following the steps legal, gave them the shelter and no incidents arose. In 2012, his lawyer Gumesindo Morelos García, who is Dr. of law and researcher UMSNH, was present to support them from being harassed by the authorities.