Meteor seen in Easter United States and Canada!

NEW YORK, March 23. – A meteor bright enough to be classified as a “fireball” lit up the sky in the eastern United States and Canada during the night of Friday, providing a spectacular view, said American Meteor Society.

The company verified over 300 sightings from Ontario and Quebec in Canada to the southern United States, and another 100 are being reviewed more, said Mike Hankey, an observer of the American Meteor Society.

“This has been the clearest fireball view seen over much of the eastern United States,” said Robert Lunsford, society coordinator.

“The firball was seen about 8 pm (local time) and lasted for about five seconds, when many people saw it,” said Lunsford.

The company described the fireball as a meteor brighter than Venus, and Lunsford said may be even brighter than the Sun, as was the case when a meteorite exploded over Russia on 15 February.

Meteorites are small particles of the solar system that burn on contact with the atmosphere.

Several thousand meteors of fireball magnitude occur every day, most of which are not seen to take place over the ocean or daylight, says the company on its website.

“At first I thought the fireball was a plane flying low,” said a witness of West Chester, Pennsylvania, whose comments were recorded by the company.

Many witnesses saw the brightest meteor they had ever seen. “I still cannot believe it,” said another of Boonsboro, Maryland.

The solar storm intensifies with extensive blockages in high radio frequency signals

The solar storm is affecting the Earth was intensified on Friday causing some interference to

WASHINGTON, March 9. – The solar storm is affecting the Earth and it intensified on Friday causing some interference in communications before forwarding, as experts warn of more to come.

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The solar storm was intense, but remained low during geoefectividad on Thursday as the orientation of the planet’s magnetic field, said Eduardo Araujo, a scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

However, this Friday, “by reversing the vertical component of interplanetary magnetic field, the event geoefectividad increased significantly, and the magnetic storm reached severe levels (G3),” an escalation of five.

The increased intensity has caused “extensive blockages in high radio frequency” and an increase in the margin of error of positioning systems (GPS) and Northern Lights have been seen in Seattle (Washington) and Sheridan (Wyoming ), in America, but have not reported problems with power grids, he said.

The sun goes through regular cycles of activity and every 11 years or so there is a peak in activity in the storms that often occur at times distorted and even cross the Earth’s magnetic field.

Araujo said that we are currently in the upswing of the solar cycle and the maximum is expected to occur sometime in 2013, so that “the activity will continue to increase during this period.”

In fact, the U.S. space agency NASA, has recorded another coronal mass ejection is expected to hit Earth on March 11 and, according to the expert, “predicted a magnetic storm of similar intensity to which we are experiencing now “.

Honduras ‘Gang’ Massacres 15 Dead!

Honduras Massacre

Honduras Massacre

In one incident on Friday night, masked gunman attacked several luxury vehicles as they exited the international airport east of San Pedro Sula. The attack was highly coordinated and carried out in approximately two minutes. The gunman, who may have been posing as police officers, forced six individuals to exit their vehicles and lie face down on the pavement, where they were shot at point blank range.

Security Minister Pompeyo Bonilla said that the attack was motivated by conflict between rival gangs from La Ceiba, a port city on Honduras northern coast, thought to involve two groups known as the Grillos and the Pelones. Police said that the target was one of the victims, a man called Olvin Francisco Castro Guevara, who had just arrived from Miami with his wife and two children. The wife was injured in the attack, but the children were reportedly unharmed.

The second incident, a shooting in San Pedro Sula’s Central Penitentiary, left nine inmates dead and another three wounded. Prison officials blamed the violence on a dispute between rival gangs, but some accounts said that a group of prisoners was attempting to escape, raising the possibility that prison officials were involved in the killings.

With an average of 20 homicides per day, Honduras currently has one of the highest murder rates in the world. The country’s location, along with its weak security institutions, have encouraged transnational organized crime groups to use the country as a distribution center for cocaine being smuggled from South America to the U.S.