Children in Crime! Mexico

Mexican Teen Gang Member

Mexican Teen Gang Member

In six years there have been 26,000, 856 children arrested for federal crimes, according to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR). In addition, many of them have been prosecuted for other crimes: 11,000,548 children and adolescents, in fact, face murder trials.

In response to requests for information, the PGR revealed that most young offenders are involved mainly in drug crimes, such as trade, possession and consumption of drugs, as well as for carrying prohibited firearms.

The Institutional System of Statistical Information PGR realizes that, for crimes against health, the number of arrests has been increasing:

In 2007, the number of minors arrested was 4,821. And in 2008, reported the capture of 5,338; in 2009 the number grew to 6, 206  in 2010 the figure was 7,0 22 and between January and June this year 3,126 juvenile detainees .

Something is rotten

Some of the most notorious cases of child murderers are brought to discussion the issue of legal age, if you should be lowered to 16 years or less, because of the violence displayed by some of these offenders.

– In December 2010, Mexican soldiers captured in Cuernavaca to Edgar N. known as El Ponchis, less than 14 years, whom he described as chief of hitmen Edgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie .

– For internet videos that circulated this teenager murdered in cold blood some people, slitting their throats in front of the cameras.

– According to statements, the Ponchis joined the ranks of organized crime for 12 years, so-called South Pacific Cartel, which operates in Morelos.

– Another case was asymptomatic adolescent Marco Ivan N., who was assassinated in Villahermosa, Tabasco, the PRI Jose Francisco Fuentes Esperon, a candidate for federal deputy, his wife and two children, when they slept, along with three other young people. Even women raped.

– Just this past October 13th in Cuernavaca recaptured a juvenile who had escaped from a correctional facility, when robbed a gas station. This is Joshua N., 14.

No misdemeanor fell

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) said that so far the presidential term of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa had been arrested 26,000 856 children for having committed crimes under federal jurisdiction, mainly for drug possession and distribution and possession of firearms. The PGR clarified the figures given last August, when he reported that only 44 thousand had been detained minors.

Other violations, such as tax, property, Federal Law against Organized Crime, for possession of firearms and explosives, the records indicate that the number of children have also been captured on the rise since December 2006 while the figure juvenile detainees was 51 for 2007, reported the capture of 864 children and in 2008 was one thousand 81, 531 and 2.009 million in 2010 two thousand 603; in from January to June 2011 have been captured under 402 thousand.

PGR data reveal that most juvenile offenders are mainly involved in drug crimes such as trade, possession and consumption of drugs, as well as possession of a prohibited firearm.

Those arrested for possession of firearms have been seized in raids usually in the north and almost always linked to Los Zetas .

The Law for the Treatment of Juvenile Offenders (known as criminal justice for adolescents) believes that, regardless of the crime that the 17 years or less committed, the maximum of corporal punishment in the Guardianship Councils may extend until it meets 18 years of age after age with the majority of people should be released so forced the law says.