American Catholic Nuns rebell in New York

The organization that groups will be amended by the Vatican, because they take liberal positions on issues of sexuality

American Catholic Nuns rebellion

American Catholic Nuns rebellion

The main umbrella organization of American Catholic nuns said yesterday that the Vatican ordered the restructuring of the group is based on unfounded claims of a failed investigation that has caused “outrage and pain” to believers .

A group of nuns responded to accusations from the Vatican to take too liberal positions on issues of sexuality, arguing that these claims were “baseless” and arose from “a flawed process.”

The National Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), representing 57 000 nuns, said it will raise its concerns to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican, in a meeting scheduled for June 12 in Rome.

In April, the Vatican agency completed an investigation of more than two years with the conclusion that the group suffered from “serious doctrinal issues,” including taking positions that undermine Catholic teaching on the priesthood exclusively male, marriage and homosexuality.

The national board of the religious group released the statement, the first since the Holy See ordered the restructuring, after a three-day meeting.

“Members of the board concluded that the assessment was based in accusations unfounded and as a result from a faulty process devoid of transparency,” said the LCWR. “In addition, the sanctions imposed were disproportionate to the concerns raised and could compromise their ability to carry out its mission.”

The rebuke from the Vatican sparked a wave of demonstrations of support for the nuns. Were held vigils, protests and prayer days in defense of the nuns in several parts of the country, even against the Holy See Embassy in Washington D.C.

“The report has caused outrage and pain throughout the church community and has created greater polarization,” said the joint.

John Allen, a leading Vatican analysts on CNN American chain, said the report of the Vatican has decreed that, basically, the LCWR “needs a revision which will have a closer relationship with the bishops.”

Etna on the Italian island of Sicily erupts for the fourth time this year

The Italian Etna Volcano ejected a column of ash that reached between 6 and 7 thousand meters above sea level, no encumbrances

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ROME, March 18. – The volcano Etna on the Italian island of Sicily, erupted today for the fourth episode of its kind recorded in 2012, and drove a column of ash that reached between 6000 and 7 thousand meters above sea level.

During the morning the first signs of activity of Etna, the tallest mountain in Italy in the southern mountains of the Alps, with 3 thousand 322 meters high, which recorded an eruption from 8.00 am (06.00 GMT). The eruption took place in a very active crater southeast of the volcano and lava moved down the slope of the Valle del Bove, in a desert area, the wind has made the cloud of ashes to shift to the east.

At the moment this new eruption has not brought changes in the activity of the airport of Catania, near the volcano, although it has provided the opportunity to change some routes if necessary, reported Italian media.

During 2011, , located in eastern Sicily, which inflates and deflates the pressure of internal magma, erupted 18 times this volcano is 45 kilometers in diameter.