Children in Crime! Mexico

Mexican Teen Gang Member

Mexican Teen Gang Member

In six years there have been 26,000, 856 children arrested for federal crimes, according to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR). In addition, many of them have been prosecuted for other crimes: 11,000,548 children and adolescents, in fact, face murder trials.

In response to requests for information, the PGR revealed that most young offenders are involved mainly in drug crimes, such as trade, possession and consumption of drugs, as well as for carrying prohibited firearms.

The Institutional System of Statistical Information PGR realizes that, for crimes against health, the number of arrests has been increasing:

In 2007, the number of minors arrested was 4,821. And in 2008, reported the capture of 5,338; in 2009 the number grew to 6, 206  in 2010 the figure was 7,0 22 and between January and June this year 3,126 juvenile detainees .

Something is rotten

Some of the most notorious cases of child murderers are brought to discussion the issue of legal age, if you should be lowered to 16 years or less, because of the violence displayed by some of these offenders.

– In December 2010, Mexican soldiers captured in Cuernavaca to Edgar N. known as El Ponchis, less than 14 years, whom he described as chief of hitmen Edgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie .

– For internet videos that circulated this teenager murdered in cold blood some people, slitting their throats in front of the cameras.

– According to statements, the Ponchis joined the ranks of organized crime for 12 years, so-called South Pacific Cartel, which operates in Morelos.

– Another case was asymptomatic adolescent Marco Ivan N., who was assassinated in Villahermosa, Tabasco, the PRI Jose Francisco Fuentes Esperon, a candidate for federal deputy, his wife and two children, when they slept, along with three other young people. Even women raped.

– Just this past October 13th in Cuernavaca recaptured a juvenile who had escaped from a correctional facility, when robbed a gas station. This is Joshua N., 14.

No misdemeanor fell

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) said that so far the presidential term of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa had been arrested 26,000 856 children for having committed crimes under federal jurisdiction, mainly for drug possession and distribution and possession of firearms. The PGR clarified the figures given last August, when he reported that only 44 thousand had been detained minors.

Other violations, such as tax, property, Federal Law against Organized Crime, for possession of firearms and explosives, the records indicate that the number of children have also been captured on the rise since December 2006 while the figure juvenile detainees was 51 for 2007, reported the capture of 864 children and in 2008 was one thousand 81, 531 and 2.009 million in 2010 two thousand 603; in from January to June 2011 have been captured under 402 thousand.

PGR data reveal that most juvenile offenders are mainly involved in drug crimes such as trade, possession and consumption of drugs, as well as possession of a prohibited firearm.

Those arrested for possession of firearms have been seized in raids usually in the north and almost always linked to Los Zetas .

The Law for the Treatment of Juvenile Offenders (known as criminal justice for adolescents) believes that, regardless of the crime that the 17 years or less committed, the maximum of corporal punishment in the Guardianship Councils may extend until it meets 18 years of age after age with the majority of people should be released so forced the law says.

Jerez Zacatecas belongs to ‘Los Zetas’, say the locals!

One citizen wrote about the open activities of these thugs:

In my town of Jerez Zacatecas to file a report to the local police or PGJE is like throwing the rope around your neck because these police agencies have been completely corrupted by the criminal organization of ‘Los Zetas,’ This is especially true with the municipal police.

In the town of Jerez it’s nothing new to see cars and trucks with tinted windows bearing expired license plates from the United States or in many cases vehicles that have been reported stolen, yet the police or traffic officers do nothing. Inside these vehicles it’s also common to see the occupants talking suspiciously on radios, or consuming drugs in public and in many cases they are armed with weapons. These men that we all know belong to Los Zetas do whatever they want; they stop traffic when they park in the middle of the street, they walk real slow like they own the street, they cut in front of the lines in banks, supermarkets, etc.

They think they own the streets and when they see young people riding in their cars with the music a little too high, they detain them, beat them and threaten them. Sometimes they take away their cars, or in some cases they tell the municipal police to handle it, who pick them up and beat them with boards.”

As proof of the corruption in Jerez the following was told by a resident of this city that exposes the huge complicity between the police and the Zetas:

“Last Sunday I was taking a drive through the streets of downtown on Main Street when I saw a cop stopping and diverting traffic to another street, of course I obeyed, maybe there was some emergency or construction. I decided to take another street two blocks up ahead and to turn back to the street that was closed, and I noted that there were several trucks parked in front of a bar that I recognized as belonging to people that have connections to Los Zetas. I thought ‘shit.’ … a complete command of municipal police blocking traffic just because criminal thugs are drinking in a bar … that is nothing more than stupidity.”

Another local resident added the following:
“I know several police officers and even a police commander who work for Los Zetas, they routinely conduct illegal checkpoints to steal cars and money from people. One of them, the commander, is known as Comandante Felipe, and other have stupid little names like el chikis, el negro, el guapo, etc, and so on.
If that wasn’t enough the Mayor Eduardo Lopez Mireles, not long ago threw out the army from the city, the only incorruptible agency, who use to enforce the law as it should be. The military were the only ones that made Jeres feel safe, but now we can’t even go out and enjoy our town because if you run into one of these thugs, is like running in to a child with a gun, they don’t know how to use it and why even use it? The damage they are causing to the town or the damage they are causing to each other.”

money found hidden in reels of telephone cable, Mexican drug cartels.

spools of USD hidden in Rubber cable

spools of USD hidden in Rubber cable


The Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (SIEDO) applied the declaration of abandonment of two million 409 thousand U.S. $ 2,409,000 for the federal government.

SIEDO was formed in the wake of a 2003 scandal that found agents in the Attorney General‘s anti-narcotics prosecution office, FEADS, actively working for or protecting Mexican drug cartels. As a result, SIEDO was formed with 117 agents whose backgrounds and psychological profiles were intensely researched, in the hope that agents prone to Cartel corruption would be weeded out before they could enter the force.

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) reported that last June 17,that Mexico, Customs agents made available the full sum $2,490,000 to the cash SIEDO International Airport of Mexico City (AICM).

In a statement the agency said, that according to investigations, the money was found hidden in reels of telephone cable, would be transported to the city of Vargas, Venezuela, air line through Colombia.

The Federal Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 182-A, indicates that in the absence of expression of interest within 90 calendar days from date of notification, the lost funds shall be declared abandoned property and handed over to the federal government.

Now the Ministry of Finance will determine the distribution of money between the PGR, the Ministry of Health and the Federal Judiciary for the benefit of Mexican society

Nancy Manriquez Quintanar “La Flaca”, 25-year-old arrested

'La Flaca' arrested

'La Flaca' arrested

Nancy Manriquez Quintanar “La Flaca”, 25-year-old arrested in the municipality of Ecatepec, is linked to at least nine violent murders committed in the eastern state of Mexico, as part of the criminal organizationLos Zetas” .
 According to her statements, her primary function within a cell of the criminal group was to go to bars and nightclubs in the region in order to detect narcotics dealers, extract information and inform a hit man about the dealer so he could be killed.

A criminal records search conducted by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) in conjunction with the State Public Security Agency (ASE), noted that “La Flaca” is a person of interest on a preliminary inquiry into the murder of three people outside the bar “Seven of Cups” in the San Augustine Ecatepec.

She was capture in the company of another men Julio Caesar Sosa Asencio el “Mosco”, 30, who said he worked as a hit man of “Los Zetas.”