Mexican Government -criminals- human rights of abuse!

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President Felipe Calderón declared that “criminals” are “the main threat to the human rights of Mexicans,” to meet Wednesday with leaders of Human Rights Watch (HRW), an organization that presented a critical assessment of human rights in the country.

During the meeting, HRW gave his report to President Calderon’s initiative and defined the formation of a joint working group to analyze the content of the study, said the Office of the President in a statement.

“The (criminals) who through offensive crimes such as homicide, kidnapping and extortion, systematically violate the fundamental guarantees of the citizens and their families.

“Hence the legal and ethical obligation of the Government, to deploy all the means at its disposal to which, under the principle of responsibility, strengthen the presence of authority in communities with greater criminal rivalry,” said President Calderón.

The Mexican president expressed his conviction that full respect for fundamental rights is an essential element “for both the consolidation of our democracy, to build real and lasting security.”

Calderon said that in recent years, “Mexico has taken decisive steps for effective promotion and protection, always within a framework of transparency and openness to public scrutiny, whether international or domestic.”

He explained that the Constitutional Reform in the Field of Human Rights, the Law Reform Amparo and Constitutional Reform Criminal Justice System in Mexico “is not only aligned with international standards, but builds a solid foundation for our future generations develop in a more open, integrated and democratic. “

He also noted that the strengthening of security institutions and law enforcement of the three orders of government is, in more ways than one, a necessary condition to strengthen the protection of human rights of Mexicans against crime.

“Are corporations and local prosecutors who, pursuant to the authority of law, it is primarily the prevention of crime and law enforcement.

“Therefore, the Federal Government has promoted the transformation of state and municipal institutions, through the purification of their staff and improving its legal instruments,” he said.

He said that the Federal forces have worked closely with the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) and various international organizations to further training in human rights.

Furthermore, he added, “that have always been open with full transparency, to accept the recommendations of the Commission and, where appropriate, to initiate processes for the demarcation of responsibilities.”

President Calderón was accompanied by Secretaries of the Interior, José rancisco Blake Mora; of Foreign Affairs Patricia Espinosa, and Attorney General’s Office, Marisela Morales Ibañez, as well as by the Coordinator of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic Alejandra Sota Mirafuentes.