Naked Shot Cycling World Morelia Mexico to save the Environment!

Naked cyclist out for a ride in Morelia Mexicoenvironmental awareness


Naked Shot Cycling World

Naked Shot Cycling World

The tour through the streets of Quiroga Basque street, Avenida Madero, Aqueduct, Francisco Marquez, Garcia de Leon Boulevard, Ventura Bridge, Aqueduct, The Tarascas, Aquiles Serdan, Av Madero to conclude in Plaza Hidalgo.

In the Plaza Valladolid left this morning March `Naked Shot Cycling World ‘, whose naked participants and others wearing only bikini or swimsuit toured some of the main streets of Morelia, to demand respect for the use of the bicycle as a mode of transportation and to express their disapproval to the dependence on fossil fuels.

About 300 cyclists gathered to participate in a tour, which was the third time in Morelia and to generate environmental awareness among citizens. The cyclist considers that the culture of respect for the cyclist remains urgent. ‘Daniel’, organizer of this event, said the hosting society is still frowned upon in some way and some of them are offended along the way, while girls are viewed with curiosity and some people cry.

The cyclists involved in this movement emerged in Canada, their bodies painted with slogans like: ‘Now I see’, “ Pedaléame to diario’y out your bike ‘. It to remember that in 2010 year was held for the first time this demonstration, were arrested about 60 participants in Solidarity Avenue, but for the second year sought the support of the Court, so that by 2011, following the steps legal, gave them the shelter and no incidents arose. In 2012, his lawyer Gumesindo Morelos García, who is Dr. of law and researcher UMSNH, was present to support them from being harassed by the authorities.

Tulum explored in a “underwater cave” from the ice age

In the underwater cave are the remains of animals 10,000 years ago and even traces of fires

Tulum explored in a "hole" in the ice age

Tulum explored in a “hole” in the ice age

 The site of the remains is a deep well of dimensions rarely seen, whose age could be increased to 10 thousand years.

A new site located in the underground caverns of Tulum, which will contribute to science and the world new evidence on human and animal life for the Ice Age in America, is about to be released, ahead of its discoverer, Alejandro Alvarez , director of Project Speleological Tulum .

The finding was recorded on May 10, 2007 but was reported by Alvarez and his team in 2009 the authorities of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

The place was called “The Black Hole” and could be the largest flooded cave found in the Tulum area, where they have found sites like Naharon, Temple, Las Palmas, The Pitt and Hol Chan, among others.

In an interview with El Universal , the expert diver explains the relevance of “The Black Hole” or “The Death Trap” lies not only in size and age-perhaps more than 10 thousand years, but there were found both bones of people and animals.

“The Black Hole is the largest find so far recorded in the area. Its size is impressive. The importance of the site is that besides humans, no context of animals, plants, human activities such as bonfires” , says the diver, who adds that is the finding of his life.

He also founded the BUCEMA, an association of divers trying to improve their ethical behavior through training and also impact the regulation and safety of these underwater explorers, little access to disclose details of the new finding.

However, Alvarez stressed that the experience earned him a moment “indescribable” .

According to his brief description, “The Black Hole” is a deep well of dimensions rarely seen. So far four of the five skeletons have been discovered have been shallow, this site would be the deepest.

Alvarez, along with Atollini Franco and Alberto Nava -members-caving project has monitored river systems of the world’s largest underground, which were released in 2007 and called Aktun Hu, Nohoch Nachich, Sac Actun, Oxbel has and Dos Ojos.

Sac Actun Actun and Hu are north of Tulum, below the Ejido Jacinto Pat. Meanwhile, Oxbel is located south of Tulum, in Ejido Pino Suarez.

This network of underground tributaries adds little more than 220 miles explored and mapped, is the largest in the world and she found the oldest human remains in America.

One was found in the cave dubbed Naharon, the track was named “Woman of Naharon” , with an average age of 13,600 years, another was found Muknal and is about “The Lady of the Palms” , with 10 thousand years old.

One more was discovered in the Temple and is called “Man of the Temple” , with 10 thousand years old, according to records from the caver Jeronimo Aviles Olguin , co-author of the project “Study of human groups on the east coast preceramic Quintana Roo. “

In the cave was located at Hol Chan “Young Hol Chan” , with 10 thousand years, while in the Pit cenote other remains were found, dated to 13,000 years.

In “The Death Trap” or “Black Hole” were found other human remains.

And finally, in the cave Chan Hol II was located at “La Niña loss Hol Chan” Skeleton was a thousand 70 meters away from the entrance and 8.3 meters deep and disappeared in March, an issue that is investigated , after the head of the delegation of INAH, Adriana Velázquez Morlet , revealed the facts.

Hol Chan II is still missing

In March 2011, the INAH reported finding a skull and long bone of human remains and prehistoric megafauna, including a gomphothere in underwater cave “Black Hole” .

According to the INAH communique, this is a site whose age could be increased to 10 thousand years.

Then, archaeologist Erreguerena Pilar Luna, head of the Underwater Archaeology Branch , explained that the findings of these materials correspond to three different points within the same cave that was found submerged and separated by a distance of 20 to 30 meters.

The so-called “Black Hole” is part of a flooded cave system in the Yucatan Peninsula, which also locates the cave where they found the remains of “The Stolen Child Hol Chan” or “Hol Chan II”, a skeleton the final stage of the Ice Age , which skull and much of the body disappeared in March.

Friday Popocatepetl’s has 35 eruptions with a crater glow

Cenapred reports that the giant had 35 eruptions in the last 24 hours, accompanied by steam, water and gas and minor amounts of ash

Recorded on Popocatepetl's crater glow

Recorded on Popocatepetl‘s crater glow

PUEBLA, June 1. – The Popocatepetl had 35 eruptions accompanied by steam and gas and minor amounts of ash, during the last 24 hours, according to the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred).

Also, the federal agency said the vents registered at 03:17, 05:10 and 6:50 hours, as containing large amounts of ash, reached on average a mile high and headed southwest.

Between 11:00 and 21:44 yesterday, recorded 9 hours of high-frequency spasmodic tremor and from 08:00 hours on Friday, started a new episode of high-frequency spasmodic tremors and also had segments continuous tremors for 2 hours totaling approximately one hundred.

At night, he added, it was observed a slight glow above the crater of the volcano and at the time of this report (11:00 hours), the gas plume was diffuse, between 100 and 300 meters above the crater rim and goes west and southwest, toward Tetela Volcano.

Therefore, it was reiterated that the volcanic alert level remains at Yellow Phase 3, which implies the probability of observing the following scenarios:

Explosive activity of intermediate-scale with high dome growth and possible expulsion of lava, explosions of increasing intensity and raining ash on nearby villages noticeable in smaller quantities and more remote populations, depending on the direction of the winds.”

Most beautiful solar eclipse of the year!

In Mexico, the solar eclipse as seen in Chihuahua, Baja California, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey

What a beautiful solar eclipse

What a beautiful solar eclipse

Direction of Civil Protection called on the community not directly observe the solar eclipse that will be presented in Ciudad Juarez, said the Director General of Ecology and Civil Protection, Raul de Leon Apraez. .

It was necessary to use special eye protection, because to do so could have severe eye damage, even losing it.

He said that not just any sunglasses protect the eyes, so consider it necessary to ask the experts what type of material is indicated.

Another way to observe the eclipse is to make a hole in a card so that the light is projected on the floor.

The eclipse occurs when the Moon’s shadow does not cover completely the Sun and the star is seen as a luminous ring.

Was also observed in Baja California Norte, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey.


Millions of people in Asia and the western United States on Monday witnessed an annular eclipse of the sun, marveling at the strange spectacle of a “ring of fire” across the heavens.

The annular eclipse, in which the moon passes the sun, but leaving only a golden ring around its edges, was also witness to a singular event as virtually had a return in time, because it was seen first Monday morning in Asia and then in the last afternoon of Sunday in the western U.S..

In some parts of the United States were sold cameras with special filters to take pictures of the astronomical phenomenon. In several parts, as in Reno (Nevada) and Oakland (California), meetings were organized to witness the eclipse.


The ring of fire our beautiful world!

The ring of fire our beautiful world!

There were also people from neighboring states and Canada who traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to enjoy the eclipse in one of the best places to watch. Older people threw shouts and the children screamed with excitement when the moon crossed the sun and started to form the halo of light.

In Japan, organized tours to better see the eclipse, either to pleasure boats and private aircraft. Similar events were held in China and Taiwan.

The eclipse was broadcast live on television in Tokyo, where there was not a solar eclipse since 1839. The Taipei Astronomical Museum opened before dawn on Monday and Hong Kong Space Museum set up telescopes with solar filters outside their building on the waterfront of Kowloon.

Japanese television sent teams to observe the phenomenon from the top of Mount Fuji. They also sent a team to a zoo south of Tokyo to capture the reaction of chimpanzees, but they do not seem to notice.

A light rain fell in Tokyo at the beginning of the eclipse, but the clouds thinned as the eclipse reached its maximum, which gives almost perfect condition.

“It was a very mysterious,” said Kaori Sasaki, who joined a crowd in downtown Tokyo to see the phenomenon. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”