Four year old boy killed his younger brother in Texas

Four year old boy killed his younger brother in Texas

four year old kills brother of 3 accidentally

four year old kills brother of 3 accidentally

According to research, the mother was in another room when she heard a gunshot and found the child with a gunshot wound

DALLAS, Feb. 22. – A four year old boy killed his younger brother with the gun after shooting according to his mother, according to the opinion issued today by the Police Department Killen community, north of Austin, Texas.

Police on Wednesday released the results of the investigation into the death of Kenneth Jordan Jones of three years, registered on 18 February, when the victim and his brother were in his mother’s bedroom.

According to investigators, the mother was in another room when she heard a gunshot and went to his room where she found Jordan with a gunshot wound to the upper chest and neck.

The woman had placed a nine-millimeter pistol in a closet, out of the reach of children, but somehow the little four-year gained access to the gun and shot his brother.

Police have not charged anyone so far, while the child’s name that fired the gun will not be released because he is a minor.

Army Stops 8 policemen in Sabinas Hidalgo- Mexico

Map including Sabinas Hidalgo

Map including Sabinas Hidalgo

The Army and Federal Police on Saturday arrested six civilians and eight uniformed officers, all allegedly linked to organized crime in the town of Sabinas Hidalgo,

According to reports, the troops carried out intelligence work for the whereabouts of the alleged members of organized crime and after a series of interviews they gave the names of the soldiers who were in their service.

This information was presented to the Police and they proceeded to arrest the accused.

Among those arrested are members of the state and municipal police of that place.

The 14 people were taken to the State Agency of Investigations, where they  remain in detention while the investigations are ongoing.

So far has no one has leaked the names of the accused individuals connected with the crime.

The officers were in Sabinas state as commissioners to monitoring the municipality because the municipality had been effective dismissed for his ties to organized crime.

Currently some of them are held while they disclaim responsibility for what they are accused.

It should be recalled that on October 14, 11 police patrols and traffic officers in the municipality of Sabinas Hidalgo was arrested by Federal Police and state Civil Force.

The policemen were arrested for their possible links, as well as provide protection to organized crime groups in the state.

The uniformed people, located about 120 kilometers north of this city, were taken to facilities where the state police pay his statement to the authorities.

The Federal Police have since been relocated to the town to strengthen surveillance.

Smugglers in Texas improvising to transport Drugs!

18 wheeler loaded with Marijuana!

18 wheeler loaded with Marijuana!

Texas law enforcement agencies report drug smugglers have resorted to “cloning” company and government vehicles to try to avoid detection and protect their illegal cargo. “It’s making our job a lot harder,” said Michael O’Connor, Victoria County sheriff. “We’re up against a matrix of deceptive transportation.”

O’Connor said his officers have undergone additional training on how to spot the nearly perfect look-alikes. Photographs provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety show 18-wheelers with duplicate logos of major companies, crammed with bales of marijuana.

Others closely resemble government vehicles, even a school bus that had marijuana bales set up inside so they looked like passenger seats.

Another shows a truck with a Texas Department of Transportation logo spotted in Gonzales County, except it was stuffed with marijuana. “At one time, you could say there was a certain type of vehicle used. Now, it’s everything, everything imaginable,” O’Connor said.

He said some have “window-dressing” such as oilfield equipment or soldiers in uniform and a patient in the back of an ambulance, but they were all imposters.