Asteroid nears Earth

The U.S. space agency NASA released the first images of the asteroid is expected to pass tomorrow to just 27, 860 kilometers from Earth, the closest approximation of a cosmic object registered hazardous to our planet.

Asterroid on collision course with Earth will miss by 28K miles

Asterroid on collision course with Earth will miss by 28K miles

On its Web site, NASA posted a animated sequence in black and white made up of three images that you can see the path of the asteroid when it is still 748,000 miles from Earth.

The sequence was created by astronomers Remanzacco Observatory in Italy, from photos taken by remote control by the Faulkes Telescope South at Siding Springs (Australia), according to the space agency.

The asteroid was detected by amateur astronomers affiliated Sagra Observatory (Mallorca, Spain) a year ago, when it was at 4.3 million kilometers from Earth, and the planet is approaching 28,100 kilometers per hour.

The space rock, the size of half a football field, is so opaque that astronomers can only observe its trajectory in the infrared range of the spectrum which reflects the sun’s heat

Etna on the Italian island of Sicily erupts for the fourth time this year

The Italian Etna Volcano ejected a column of ash that reached between 6 and 7 thousand meters above sea level, no encumbrances

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ROME, March 18. – The volcano Etna on the Italian island of Sicily, erupted today for the fourth episode of its kind recorded in 2012, and drove a column of ash that reached between 6000 and 7 thousand meters above sea level.

During the morning the first signs of activity of Etna, the tallest mountain in Italy in the southern mountains of the Alps, with 3 thousand 322 meters high, which recorded an eruption from 8.00 am (06.00 GMT). The eruption took place in a very active crater southeast of the volcano and lava moved down the slope of the Valle del Bove, in a desert area, the wind has made the cloud of ashes to shift to the east.

At the moment this new eruption has not brought changes in the activity of the airport of Catania, near the volcano, although it has provided the opportunity to change some routes if necessary, reported Italian media.

During 2011, , located in eastern Sicily, which inflates and deflates the pressure of internal magma, erupted 18 times this volcano is 45 kilometers in diameter.

Mount Etna erupted on Sunday for the third time so far this year

Italy, March 4. – The Sicilian volcano Mount Etna erupted on Sunday for the third time so far this year. The volcano had lava emission and Strombolian activity, volcanism characterized by explosive eruptions separated by quiet periods of varying duration.

Editorial / Photo: Reuters

Mount Etna erupts yesterday

Mount Etna erupts yesterday

The lava emissions were accompanied by the escape of volcanic ash, Italian media reported.On February 9, in its previous eruptive activity, a new crater was borne on the volcano.

Etna had erupted on the 27th of January, after more than 50 days of rest.

Etna is the largest volcano in Europe and one of the most active volcanoes in the world.