Popocatepetls’ eruption activity quite high in the last 24 hours

Reported a further increase in the intensity of tremors, accompanied by a column of gas and ash, which reached 4 miles high

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PUEBLA, In the last 24 hours, the activity of Popocatepetl “was quite high,” the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred), reported that at 19:00 pm yesterday it registered an increase in seismic activity of the tremor, which was accompanied by a persistent column of gas and ash, which reached 4 km above the crater and was dispersed by prevailing winds to the northeast.

In the report of this afternoon, also highlighted the eruption of incandescent lava fragments, which spewed down the slopes of the volcano, reaching external distances up to a mile, “this activity lasted until 21:56,” he said.

At 1:12 am this morning, the volcano showed “another important eruption, again with incandescent lava fragments” and with a plume of two miles high, consisting of gases and ash, according to official data.

In this sense, the Cenapred announced  that at 4:16 AM another episode of tremors began, with eruptions and expulsion of lava fragments, which ended at 7:02 this morning.

In total, the federal agency noted that in the last 24 hours there were a total of 63 eruptions of small and medium size, not including trains mentioned.

Therefore, the alert level remains at Yellow volcanic Phase 3.

Today there will be minor ash fallout around the volcano. These models, both scatter and fall, can be accessed directly at the following address prognosis ~ / visual /

The volcanic alert level Phase 3 is yellow, which means the chance of observing the following scenarios: medium-scale explosive activity at high, dome growth and possible expulsion of lava, explosions of increasing intensity and rains ash on nearby towns notorious and in smaller amounts in more remote populations, depending on wind direction.

Mount Etna erupted on Sunday for the third time so far this year

Italy, March 4. – The Sicilian volcano Mount Etna erupted on Sunday for the third time so far this year. The volcano had lava emission and Strombolian activity, volcanism characterized by explosive eruptions separated by quiet periods of varying duration.

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Mount Etna erupts yesterday

Mount Etna erupts yesterday

The lava emissions were accompanied by the escape of volcanic ash, Italian media reported.On February 9, in its previous eruptive activity, a new crater was borne on the volcano.

Etna had erupted on the 27th of January, after more than 50 days of rest.

Etna is the largest volcano in Europe and one of the most active volcanoes in the world.