five hectares of marijuana destroyed; Sinaloa Mexico! More?

Four ounces of low-grade marijuana, usually re...

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The Attorney General’s Office (PGR), with the support of the Federal Ministerial Police, Sinaloa destroyed five hectares of marijuana equivalent to 270 thousand doses of opium gum or 112 Million doses of heroin.

The prosecutor of the Federation spearheaded the destruction of the three marijuana plants with an area of ​​five hectares, related to the preliminary AP/SIN/CLN/1234/2011/M-VI.

Reliance said in a statement that according to research, this action prevented the development of 55 kilograms of opium gum or five kilograms of heroin, approximately.

This is because a kilo of heroin equivalent, on average, 22 million doses, while a kilo of opium gum is five thousand doses, which would damage a significant number of consumers.

The PGR said that the destruction of drugs continue permanently in the whole country, as part of the strategy to combat drug trafficking and organized crime.

Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel are very weak tactically

Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel are very weak tactically

Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel are very weak tactically

“The criminal groups of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel are very weak tactically, operationally and financially in Tamaulipas,” that is what the spokesman for the Department of the Navy, Rear Admiral Jose Luis Vergara Ibarra said. Luis Vergara said this while talking about Marine operations on this region in recent days, that includes a confrontation in the town of Miguel Alemán that killed 10 suspected criminals and wounded 22.

At the headquarters of the Navy situated in this border city, the admiral noted that the weakening of these criminal groups is reflected in the increased use of armored pickup trucks and because the members of these groups have no formal training in the use of weapons, and went on to say that they seem to have increasingly less resources.

The admiral added that in the confrontation last Saturday in Miguel Alemán; “We did not have any casulaties or injuries,” and also said that they faced a group of men “who took up arms in a desperate way” and without any knowledge confronted trained federal forces.

Vergara Ibarra said that from October 5 to date, the Navy has detained a total of 36 suspects and 11 more that were killed in clashes with the Marines, and they also managed to seized four tons of marijuana, 65 long guns, five handguns, 18,221 rounds of ammunition, two anti-tank grenades, four hand grenades, 35 rocket propelled grenades and an RPG with 324 RPG cartridges.
They also seized four heavily armored trucks or homemade tanks, also known as Monster trucks.

Among those arrested was Ricardo Salazar Pequeño, alleged head of the plaza in Miguel Alemán working for the Gulf Cartel and Gabriela Gomez Miguel Flores, the alleged accountant for the criminal group