Popocatepetl ash and Lava flow

Popocatepetl ash and Larva flow

Popocatepetl ash and Lava flow

The volcano had 25 eruptions of low to moderate intensity, and these were accompanied by water vapor in the last nine hours, the Popocatepetl volcano registered a flow of lava and ash in small amounts that were observed in the higher stations of the Colossus.

From 11:00 until 20:00 hours the volcano had 25 eruptions of low to moderate intensity, and these were accompanied by water vapor, gas and small amounts of ash, reported the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred).

Between 16:35 and 19:51 hours, took five of the most important eruptions, which were accompanied by intense pulses in gases and ash plume that reached up to a kilometer high.

In addition, the system recorded a flow of lava and ash in small amounts, which was detected at the stations located on the top of the volcano however do-not mention any serious consequences.

Unlike previous days, and even the report from 11:00 hours on Thursday, from 17:00 hours today, they have had visibility into the crater.

There is a continuous and thick plume of steam and gas, which rises 200 meters to one kilometer above the crater and moves to the southwest. No reports of the presence of ash.

In the report at 20:00 hours, the Cenapred reiterated the call to the inhabitants of nearby villages to remain vigilant of the reports of the authorities, as set out in Phase 3 of the yellow in the Volcanic Traffic Light Warning.