Friday Popocatepetl’s has 35 eruptions with a crater glow

Cenapred reports that the giant had 35 eruptions in the last 24 hours, accompanied by steam, water and gas and minor amounts of ash

Recorded on Popocatepetl's crater glow

Recorded on Popocatepetl‘s crater glow

PUEBLA, June 1. – The Popocatepetl had 35 eruptions accompanied by steam and gas and minor amounts of ash, during the last 24 hours, according to the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred).

Also, the federal agency said the vents registered at 03:17, 05:10 and 6:50 hours, as containing large amounts of ash, reached on average a mile high and headed southwest.

Between 11:00 and 21:44 yesterday, recorded 9 hours of high-frequency spasmodic tremor and from 08:00 hours on Friday, started a new episode of high-frequency spasmodic tremors and also had segments continuous tremors for 2 hours totaling approximately one hundred.

At night, he added, it was observed a slight glow above the crater of the volcano and at the time of this report (11:00 hours), the gas plume was diffuse, between 100 and 300 meters above the crater rim and goes west and southwest, toward Tetela Volcano.

Therefore, it was reiterated that the volcanic alert level remains at Yellow Phase 3, which implies the probability of observing the following scenarios:

Explosive activity of intermediate-scale with high dome growth and possible expulsion of lava, explosions of increasing intensity and raining ash on nearby villages noticeable in smaller quantities and more remote populations, depending on the direction of the winds.”