MEXICO CITY a new medical technique in heart surgery in just three hours

Patients who cannot have open-heart surgery have another option with the aortic valve implantation for the first time in Mexico

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The aortic valve obstruction in the heart of Anne was resolved in just three hours without practice an aggressive surgical intervention.

The new valve mounted on a mesh-like spring of a pen was placed using the technique known as catheterization through a small incision in the groin which was introduced into the heart.

This cure is for calcific aortic stenosis for those who suffered and are put at a high risk of developing heart failure because the disease hampers blood flow to the heart.

The device and where you put the valve has added a “ball” that reaches out to destroy the damaged valve and implant the new one is fixed in the myocardium.

The innovative technique of trans-catheter aortic valve implantation was performed for the first time in Mexico, in the XXI Century National Medical Center of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) on 8 May. Ana, 69, today it is home.

The novelty is that thanks to the material called nitinol, which has the peculiarity that when subjected to cold contracts, it is now possible to introduce this mesh with the valve to the catheter and take it to heart.

“Heart surgery from 50 to 60 begins to develop and begin to have ideas increasingly invade the body, the problem is that there were materials that could enter through tiny catheters, as is the case the prosthesis or device that travels with the valve, which measures less than nine millimeters, “said Dr. Victor Manuel Lozano, head of the Division of Surgical and diagnostic procedures at the Hospital of Cardiology XXI Century.

This procedure is an alternative for patients who are not candidates for open heart surgery because of age or suffering from diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or kidney problems.

“This valve is indicated for patients who once were inoperable, terminally ill patients who were given only medical treatment was so high because the possibility of dying in surgery we decided not to operate,” he said.

With this technique no more than a decade and there is no need to transfuse patients, or with special catheters multiinvadirlos, which commonly occurs in a conventional operation. Recovery time can be three days, whereas before it was up to three months.

According to Dr. Moises Calderon Abbo, director of the Hospital of Cardiology XXI Century, the world will have about six thousand valves of this type, two thousand 500 in Latin America and two in our country, both on 8 May.

“Anne came to the doctor before being in heart failure, the procedure is relatively low risk, is a small incision in the groin with an awake patient, the valve is placed and if all is well at two, three days you can go home and you leave with a heart healed, because the valve was uncovered, and automatically starts to improve oxygenation and reduces the blood pressure, “explained Calderon, who explained that in addition to do it via the femoral implant can be placed through the axillary artery or the tip of the heart.

In the XXI Century National Medical Center are treated each year about 400 patients for aortic stenosis. Of these, between 10 and 15% are inoperable patients who would be candidates for intervenirlos with this technique.

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