Ten giant companies control almost everything you eat

They are large corporations that control the marketing of food, cosmetics and other products


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The ten largest companies in the world control the market of virtually all the food, cosmetics and products consume daily by the public.

According to site infographic pijamasurf.com it illustrates that Pepsico, Coca Cola, Kelloggs, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, P & G, Mars, Unilever, Kraft and General Mills, have dozens of corporate brands that are consumed daily by millions of people around the world.

At this point it highlights the phenomenon of how the diversity of products on the market, not because there are so many competing companies, or so many options for consumers to decide, but it is only virtual branches of Brands looking to link their identity to their products and empathy with the needs of people.

Another noteworthy phenomenon is that large corporations have absorbed small brands which could not compete.

The hoarding of virtually all the ‘options’ in the market by giant corporations is replicated in other areas, such as media, or in the case of banks, a sector in the last thirty years which has been reduced by 30 percent.