New York – Jason Padgett suffers brain injury and becomes mathmatical genius

NEW YORK, –  Jason Padgett, 41, suffered a brain injury when vandals attacked him and beat him repeatedly in the head outside a karaoke bar, but days later he awoke and turned into a mathematics genius. Today Padgett is able to convert complicated formulas in intricate hand-drawn diagrams. It is known as the only person in the world capable of making drawings, and experts say that ability was acquired as a result of head injuries.

“I’m obsessed with numbers, specifically geometry,” said Jason to ABC from the furniture store where he works in Tacoma, Washington.

Jason has no college or a degree in mathematics, but his talent for turning the numbers in amazing drawings, it should be a medical mystery that scientists have been unable to decipher. “Everywhere I see pieces of the Pythagorean theorem,” he says. “Every curve, every spiral, every tree is part of that equation.”

Constantly draws diagrams that produces a visual representation of the formula Pi, the infinite number that starts with 3.14. For his amazing and unique talent, Jason is compared with the mathematician John Nash, played by Russell Crowe in the movie A Beautiful Mind.

A scaneo that you had showed that the damage to the brain, as a result of beatings, forced that body to compensate by putting to work certain areas that most people do not have access. Jason Padgett became so ready to sell images created through the page.