Mexico City- Girl Genius does primary, secondary and high school in four years

At 10 years, Daphne Almazan starts College tomorrow and can overcome even fictional stories such as Doggie Howser, the doctor of 14 years

In less than four years, Daphne Anaya Almazan completed primary, secondary and high school. She is 10 years, and tomorrow will debut as college.

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As if to demonstrate that the brightness is inherited in the genes, intelligence runs in the family. This girl genius is the sister of Andrew, who at 16 became the youngest psychologist in the country.

To keep pace, she was 13 years old, or perhaps earlier, is the youngest graduate of Mexico, breaking all records of her brother and beating even the fictional stories carried Doggie Howser television as, who was a doctor at age 14.

“We are proud that a girl can achieve this goal, and will go to college two years before me!” Boasts Andrew, the young genius, who within a year, at the age of 18, also will be a medical Psychologist .

Daphne psychology classes will begin in the Monterrey Institute of Technology, under a plan semi-face this week. Today he will hold a high school graduation party, along with Delanie, sister of 14 years, another child prodigy who preferred to stay away from the cameras and microphones.

Want to be an example and model

The youngest of Anaya Almazan, however, wants to know, that she should be the history of each gifted child.

“I want that many children to repeat what I’m doing, they can go to college at age 10 or even younger ages, that is my biggest dream,” Daphne longs for.

Unlike her, most of the whiz kids in this country have to deal with erroneous diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or unfairly bear the label of unruly, as happened to Andrew.

Fortunately with Daphne, her parents and her brothers had already walked the path. “We had the full knowledge that he had no pathology or any behavioral deviation, it was like just three percent of the population learns faster,” explains his father Hasdrubal Almazan.

Little Daphne showed signs of higher intelligence before the age of three years when, alone, she learned to read and write.

Knowing virtually all the contents of basic education, primary and secondary was less than two years and eight months, when usually a girl would be in third grade, she had gone through high school In a year and 11 months later, she finished.

“It feels pretty good because I love learning, and now my next goal is to finish a degree in psychology, but I also want to go further right and nanotechnology from different areas to help humanity,” says Convencidísima.

“I’m very happy because I do what I want and what I like and hopefully all will go well,” he says with a smile, almost permanent, that breaks that stereotype of genius, as a bookworm.

A big girl

Maturity of being big hits people over and over again with her intense spirit of being a girl, palpable, for example, in the pretty white ribbon worn on the head to decorate her hair.

“The real Daphne would be right now with broken screens. She is very playful and very naughty that gets her into trouble because all the time she is moving and suddenly breaks things, “says the mother of this family full of brilliant minds, Dunia Anaya.

“It makes sense to keep playing because she is still a very young girl and the fact that going to college does not mean you have to skip a stage,” added her father.

Daphne talks all the time, bored with routine things, but also a good listener, she is the most enthusiastic person at home. So much so, that every time a birthday is coming up she is responsible for putting up posters in cupboards, doors and windows to announce the celebration. At the end of the day, she is just a girl.