Study of Geckos sticky feet- Geckskin

MEXICO CITY, March 23. – The unusual feet of geckos have become a study for scientists, given the ease with reptiles grip when walking on any surface.

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The discovery was made by a group of scientists from polymers and biologists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed what they call “Geckskin”, an adhesive inspired by the power of gecko feet.

The Incredible feet have been studied because of its ease of grip, explained the journal Science by the news of the new glue dry, exceeding the adhesion of the reptile.

Nanotechnology has been commissioned to enter this world from the feet of geckos and found that the adhesion of geckos is transmitted by electricity generated by millions of “hairs” microscopic, perfectly aligned.

It is noteworthy that the species of geckos are small, scaly creatures that live in temperate and tropical areas worldwide.

In the soles of the feet have pads that allow them to climb smooth vertical and even transit through the roof of the house with ease.

These skills are well known among people who live in temperate climates, where several species of geckos often wander inside homes, as pets to camouflage among the furniture.