Cyber-bullying victim speaks to lawmakers

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MADISON — A teenage victim of cyber-bullying is speaking up. 17-year-old Janelle Taylor says things were so bad, she didn’t even want to go to school. Now, she’s sharing her experiences with lawmakers in Madison in hopes of sparing others similar pain.

Cyber-bullying is not the sort of thing you expect to have happen to a kid like Janelle Taylor. “I play in the band and I do musicals and stuff like that,” Taylor said.

Taylor says she started setting up social media accounts while in middle school, partly as a way to keep in touch with her college-bound older sisters, and never saw the attacks coming. “I was like, really friends with these girls, and like, nothing had happened and everything – they just decided to do this,” Taylor said.

Taylor says those “friends” hacked into her MySpace account, tore down her information and pictures, and replaced…

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