Mexican teens are sexually active early


Mexican children start early without protection

Mexican children start early without protection

Federal District in Mexico teens are sexually active early and, even without adequate protection: 50% of children between 12 and 17 years who maintain relationships not use contraception, while 30% of these have had a sexually transmitted disease sexual.

 This was revealed by the survey “Status of Families and Children in Mexico,” prepared by the Centre for Social Research and Public Opinion (CESOP) of the Chamber of Deputies, with rates of unwanted pregnancies and data as they 47% of them acknowledge that they have had more than two sexual partners.

The document with the results of the survey that was lifted in July 2011 was made ​​at the end of the year as an effort to learn about various aspects of the environment of children and adolescents, to provide input into the design of public policies.

That is detailed for the survey took anthropometric data of 752 infants from 8 to 15 years and there were 171,000 supplemental questionnaires among people aged 12 to 29 years. The sample design and survey was conducted by Applied Social Research. Among the findings highlighted in this exercise is the fact that 15% of those interviewed between 12 and 17 states have an active sex life and 84% began at age 15 or earlier. Of these, 32% acknowledged having first intercourse before that age. The document points out, from these figures, that “adolescents have an earlier onset and a more active sex life, but in many cases have methods adequate protection.

Also a large segment of the population did not apply safe sex practices and have suffered diseases and unwanted pregnancies. “The survey found that among sexually active adolescents, 50 percent did not use contraceptives, 25 percent do not have methods to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, 30 percent admitted to having had a sexually transmitted disease, 30 percent have been pregnant or your partner pregnant, and 5 percent have had a voluntary abortion.

Another issue of concern among adolescents is that of addiction. This survey also provides some indicators about it. CESOP The survey shows that about 31 percent of adolescents (12 to 17 years old) has consumed wine or beer, 21 percent had consumed alcoholic beverages, 18 percent have snuff consumed, 5 percent a stimulant to lose weight or gain energy and 3 percent tranquilizers without a prescription.

“This section of the population is strategic for preventing the use of these substances, as among the young population (18 to 29 years of age) the consumption and use of these substances is growing by more than two “states.


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