expansion of Hezbollah in America! Supported by Hugo Chavez?


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The expansion of Hezbollah in America, encouraged by the support it receives from Venezuela‘s President Hugo Chavez, a growing concern to the United States, said today the Spanish newspaper ABC.

He said that proof of this is that U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, asked its embassies in the continent an update of the risk posed by Islamist extremism fostered by Iran.

He said that in the summer of 2010 a radical Islamist summit starring Hezbollah, also involving Hamas, took place in Caracas, at the headquarters of military intelligence.

The newspaper said it had access to several communications preparatory meeting, which involved the ambassador of Venezuela in Syria, Imam Saab Saab, and the then Iranian ambassador in Damascus, Ahmad Mousavi.

He said the second man of the Chavez regime in the Syrian capital, Lebanese Ghazi Nassereddine naturalized Venezuelan, is the most prominent of Hezbollah in Venezuela and has a close relationship with Venezuelan Minister of Interior, Tarik el-Aissami. Nassereddine and El-Aissami are designated by the Attorney of New York as the main partners of Chavez with Hezbollah and one attributed financing of terrorist operations and delivery of passports other activists of the organization.

Hezbollah, Lebanese and funding Iran and Syria’s support, has promoted numerous terrorist attacks. “Penetration in Latin America has been conducted through a growing network of Islamic centers whose function is the recruitment and radicalization of activists, as well as fundraising.

They also serve as support logistically possible money laundering and drug trafficking, which place elements of Hezbollah in the U.S. border, “he says. He said that until Chavez came to power, the main Hezbollah cells present was in the triple border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. “While it is true that there have been cases in which Hezbollah members have entered the U.S. illegally to carry out attacks, not sensational or alarmist to be concerned and respond with appropriate measures’ said Roger Noriega, a senior Bush Administration, in a recent lecture at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington.