Has Noah’s Ark been found?


Locating Noah's Ark?

Locating Noah's Ark?

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 .- A group that believes it has found the Noah‘s Ark on Mount Ararat today called for the Government of Turkey to help establish a national monument that attract pilgrims and anticipated to be a good business with the sale of memories.

“Through satellite imagery, military and Central Intelligence Agency, and ground penetrating radar, has located the Ark of Noah at 5059 meters high on the slopes of Ararat, “he said at a press conference Daniel McGivern, president of Shamrock-The Trinity Corporation.

Actually what, according McGivern has been detected is a rectangular piece of wood about 7.5 meters wide and 37.5 meters long, 7 feet deep inside a glacier more than 90 meters thick.

The massif of Ararat , with a diameter of about 40 kilometers in the Turkish-Iranian border, contains the highest mountain in Turkey.

According to the Bible, the ark ran aground there in which Noah, his three sons and wives of the four, more couples of various animals, survived the Great Flood.

The group today released a presentation by Wendy Wippel, a molecular biologist by which genetics shows that humanity today does not fall, as many believe, Adam and Eve, but Noah, his sons, and four women in the big pot .

McGivern and photographer Pedro Venegas, who described the hardships of exploration in the region, spent most of the press conference to theories which, they confirm the occurrence of a catastrophic flood that covered the Earth 5,000 years ago .

“Non-belief in the Ark goes against the Koran against the Bible, against the Torah,” McGivern said referring to the sacred book of Muslims, Christians and Jews. “This finding is a sign of the times.”

McGivern did not explain how his group allegedly obtained the images captured by satellites of the CIA, and instead presented a video in which the mechanical engineer Walter Brown explains his “hidroplacas theory”, an explanation of the Great Flood by the eruption of huge cameras ground full of water on the Earth’s mantle.

“The spectrographic analysis has identified the material as wood, and this in a volcanic mountain totally devoid of vegetation,” McGivern said.

“What else could it be but a part of the ark, which the Bible was between 120 and 165 meters, and arrived there as a result of the flood that mention the traditions of cultures around the planet?” He asked.

The spectrographic analysis identifies elements and compounds and elucidate the atomic and molecular structure by measuring the radiant energy absorbed or emitted by a substance characteristic wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

But the same McGivern, who showed his confidence in the method of scientific research and technologies of radar and satellites, said that although he could recover a piece of wood supposedly embedded in the glacier of Ararat, the carbon 14 method does not serve to indicate their age.

“The carbon-14 method simply does not work,” he said.

Group members noted that all information, including alleged conspiracies that would have concealed the presence of the Ark can be seen on its website (www.noahsarkfound.com). The site has blocked access to those who do not know the password.

At the end of his press conference surprised McGivern announced that a few attendees with his plan: Trinity Corporation produced two films, one for adult audiences, one with children’s cartoons on the Ark of Noah.

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