Massive number of Floridians tied to Drug trafficking and cartels!

U.S. officials reported Friday that 111 people arrested in Florida for alleged links to drug trafficking, in an operation that seized drugs with an approximate value of nearly a million dollars, guns and vehicles.

The arrests were carried out in Lake County in central Florida during the operation keeping our streets safe , the sheriff said of the area, Gary Borders, a press conference. This is where I use to live, back then it was a peaceful area and we did not have all this drug trafficking and the such! I guess when the traffickers get tired in Miami where the world is on fire, they want to kill the rest of our nation!

Borders said that this is the second major arrest of the year, after nearly 50 people were arrested on similar charges in connection with the operation over six months.

A total of nine police teams were sent to locate and arrest 111 people wanted by the authorities and most of those arrested had criminal records for robbery, drugs and violent crimes.

During operation seized 700 pills that are sold by prescription, 499 marijuana plants, cocaine and other drugs in addition to $ 60.000 in cash, nine vehicles and 10 firearms.

“These joint investigations not only try to clear our communities of criminal elements that threaten the quality of life for all citizens, but also send a clear message that drug trafficking will not be allowed to control our streets and neighborhoods,” said constable.