Out of Mexico; USA poverty rate?

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A record 49.1M poor people in 2010, according to a new more comprehensive Report published Monday by the Census Bureau in the USA.

The figure contrasts with the official poverty line as disclosed in September that said there were 46.2 million poor people in America.

The new method is designed to provide a more complete poverty, taking into account the government benefits they receive poor pay and expenses.

The official benchmark focuses more narrowly on wages in cash.

The revised figures show lower poverty rates of children and people of color, but higher for whites, Asians, Hispanics and seniors with high medical expenses.

The data reported on Monday showed that the national poverty rate is 16 percent of the total population, compared to the official rate of 15.1 percent reported in September.

The latest figures also raise the poverty line to an annual income of $24,343 for a family of two adults and two children, compared to $113,220 a year for the official standard.

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