Mexican army has stationed an entire battalion in a northern border town


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Mexican troops marching into town!!

Mexican troops marching into town!!

The Mexican army has stationed an entire battalion in a northern border town abandoned by most of its residents late last year amid a brutal turf war between the Gulf and Los Zetas drug cartels.

Soldiers began patrolling the area months ago, but it was only Monday that the troops formally moved into the newly constructed base in Ciudad Mier.

Hundreds of residents lined the town’s main street to welcome the 652 soldiers of the 105th Battalion, one of three new military units deployed to the state of Tamaulipas.

Ciudad Mier and many other towns in the northeastern state have been found themselves caught in the crossfire after the March 2010 rupture of the alliance between the Gulf cartel and its former armed wing, Los Zetas.

Gunbattles – some lasting up to eight hours – between the criminal organizations forced about 7,000 people from Ciudad Mier and neighboring villages to move into a shelter in the city of Miguel Aleman.

By last month, however, some 4,800 residents had returned to Mier, thanks to the army patrols.

Life in the town is starting to return to normal, but the signs of violence are everywhere – on houses and businesses, on the exterior of the church, where bullet holes and broken windows can be seen, as well as in the dozens of closed businesses and abandoned houses.

A second army base is being built in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, where 72 migrants, the majority of them from Central America, were massacred by Zetas in August 2010, and a third base is under construction in Ciudad Mante, another strife-torn part of the state.

130 Customs and Border Patrol officers have been arrested on charges of corruption!

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In the last three years, about 130 agents of Immigration and Customs and Border Patrol United States have been arrested on charges of corruption for ties to Mexican drug cartels, of which 23 so far in 2011, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS, in English).

Last June, the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Alan Bersin, admitted before the Senate Subcommittee on Homeland Security and Intergovernmental Affairs, the long “seven years and tens of thousands of employees have been tainted by this, with evidence of corruption. We take every case seriously. ”

Bersin said the officers participated in “acts of corruption, including drug smuggling, alien smuggling, money laundering and conspiracy.”

According to the DHS, the bribing strategies involve different levels in the border to inform them of operating, monitoring, research and locate government actions.

The Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reported that one of its active agents, Jason AL, 34, was arrested Oct. 18 on charges of drug trafficking, and according to the documents court, also accused of attempted conspiracy and distribution.

The officer was arrested after trying to flee at high speed while marijuana packages thrown out the window of his official vehicle. He had been under surveillance for over a month until a known smuggler arrested gave Arizona authorities a track in an effort to receive a lesser sentence.

According to a complainant, the detainee used his official position of ICE drug for Mexican cartels, including theft. The prisoner faces 15 to 40 years in prison, said Manuel Tarango, spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Phoenix, Arizona.

“ICE is cooperating with federal and state authorities. We are committed to helping agencies in the investigation of this incident,” said Vincent Picard, spokesman for the agency.

Additionally, ICE reported that the cartels increased in the last six months, the drug crosses Arizona.

“With these arrests have taken a significant blow to Mexican drug trafficking organizations that moved the drug through the Arizona desert,” said Matt Allen, ICE agent in Phoenix.

Most recent arrest of Mexican cartel members arrested in Arizona occurred on 13 October, when ICE agents arrested in the central and southern Arizona 17 people who formed a drug trafficking ring, who are accused of 22.5 tons per month traffic from Mexico into the United States.