money found hidden in reels of telephone cable, Mexican drug cartels.

spools of USD hidden in Rubber cable

spools of USD hidden in Rubber cable


The Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (SIEDO) applied the declaration of abandonment of two million 409 thousand U.S. $ 2,409,000 for the federal government.

SIEDO was formed in the wake of a 2003 scandal that found agents in the Attorney General‘s anti-narcotics prosecution office, FEADS, actively working for or protecting Mexican drug cartels. As a result, SIEDO was formed with 117 agents whose backgrounds and psychological profiles were intensely researched, in the hope that agents prone to Cartel corruption would be weeded out before they could enter the force.

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) reported that last June 17,that Mexico, Customs agents made available the full sum $2,490,000 to the cash SIEDO International Airport of Mexico City (AICM).

In a statement the agency said, that according to investigations, the money was found hidden in reels of telephone cable, would be transported to the city of Vargas, Venezuela, air line through Colombia.

The Federal Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 182-A, indicates that in the absence of expression of interest within 90 calendar days from date of notification, the lost funds shall be declared abandoned property and handed over to the federal government.

Now the Ministry of Finance will determine the distribution of money between the PGR, the Ministry of Health and the Federal Judiciary for the benefit of Mexican society