Rolando Veytia Kidnapped;Son of Plaza Boss from Los Zetas cartel in Veracruz

Rolando Veytia- kidnapped

Rolando Veytia- kidnapped

Through information received we reported the kidnapping of the son of the former Plaza Boss from Los Zetas cartel in Veracruz killed in a clash a few months back, his name was Rolando Veytia Bravo, aka “El Manitas” who died in a clash with the Sedena on Ruiz Cortinez in Boca del Rio in the month of May.

 His son Rolando Veytia same name and one of his friends named Alejandro Gonzalez both minors were kidnapped yesterday by an armed group of masked men. According to reports the masked men were dressed in military fatigues, similar to the ones used by the Mexican marines.

A call had earlier warned his family that he would be kidnapped.

Gunmen ambushed and killed three state prosecutors in front of a school

Juarez Mexico

Juarez Mexico

Police respond to the scene where three state prosecutors were killed in front of a school in Juarez, Mexico, on Wednesday.

Gunmen ambushed and killed three state prosecutors in front of a school in the border city of Juarez on Wednesday, authorities said. The slain prosecutors were investigators for the office’s anti-extortion unit, said Arturo Sandoval, spokesman for the Chihuahua State Attorney General’s Office.

A 12-year-old was injured in the attack, witnesses said.

Students at the school, about 50 meters from the shooting scene, screamed as the sound of guns filled the air, according to witnesses. Police were searching the area for suspects Wednesday.

The attack came just days before federal police are expected to pull back forces from the violence-plagued border city and hours before the popular band Mana was scheduled to perform a peace concert there.

Juarez is Mexico‘s most violent city and has become a symbol of the brutal realities of the nation’s drug war, which has claimed more than 34,600 lives in less than five years.

Thousands of federal police have been patrolling Juarez since they officially took over its security operation from the Mexican military in April.

Earlier Wednesday, authorities in Chihuahua state’s capital, also called Chihuahua, said six people were killed in a shootout inside a house.

Other Mexican states also saw violence Wednesday.

At the University of Advanced Studies in Saltillo, Cuahuila, professors made students huddle in an assembly hall as a series of shootouts shook the neighborhood.

“We were all scared, calling home. They had us there for an hour,” student Ian Carlo Massu Davila said.