Barack Obama called the Antichrist!

Obama anti-christ

Obama anti-christ

When I get this picture from the Mexican Press, I become concerned about who  is running our country! Maybe the Democrats in the USA believe that this man is the top choice, they should really think about their choice. He is the Devil in disguise!

It is impossible to interupt the Antichrist, when he is speaking with a Golden Tongue, and false lips!

The U.S. president, Barack Obama led a fundraising event in West Hollywood, which was altered by the disruption of a person who called the Antichrist.

When the president gave a speech in the House of Blues, where he attended a few thousand people who paid at least $ 250, an individual attempt to reach the presidium but only launched the phrase ‘Jesus Christ is God and Barack Obama is the antichrist! “.

In the confusion of the secret service agents surrounded him while at the same time was overwhelmed by a cascade of boos, along with a growing cry of support for his re-election for ‘four more years! “.

Do not forget to marijuana

Without major incident and then passed to the president to remain silent, the security guards dragged the man while another asked him ‘do not forget to medical marijuana. “

First of all I mean agreed that God is King I believe in that,” resumed the president when order was restored, causing a loud applause from the audience.

In his speech he held in his plan to raise taxes on the haves, in addition to criticizing Republicans who have opposed his proposed agenda.

Therefore, attendees called for pressure on Republicans in Congress to approve his economic agenda this.

After his speech there was a brief performance by rapper BoB who sang his hit “Nothing On You ‘.

Iranian navy plans move near Maritime Borders of USA!

The Atlantic Ocean.

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The Iranian navy plans to move naval vessels out of the Persian Gulf and into the Atlantic Ocean, “near maritime borders of the United States,” the Tehran Times reported Tuesday.

According to the English-language paper based in Tehran, the announcement came from a top Iranian naval officer on Tuesday.

“As the global arrogance (forces of imperialism) have a (military) presence near our sea borders, we also plan to have a strong presence near the U.S. sea borders with the help of the soldiers who are loyal to the vali-e faqih (supreme jurisprudent),” said Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, as quoted and paraphrased by the Tehran Times.

“We’ve been pushing freedom of the seas for years and the Iranian navy can go wherever it wants,” said Pentagon Spokesman Capt. John Kirby.

Iranians might face a challenge in refueling its fleet. Some in the Pentagon have speculated it could gas up in Venezuela, whose President, Hugo Chavez, is known to have a close relationship with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Iranians gave no indication of when or what kind of vessels they might deploy, but the announced plan comes just months after Iran sent warships through the Suez following the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. It was the first time Iran had moved ships into the Mediterranean and the move put Israel on high alert.

The naval unit plans to establish direct contact with the U.S. when it hits the Gulf of Mexico, a commander in the Iranian navy said. Officials in the Pentagon strongly denied any planned port visits by the Iranians.

One senior official echoed Capt. Kirby in saying that Iran has the pleasure of moving wherever it desires in international waters. But with known intent to approach U.S. maritime borders, he added, “they might have some company.”