People are Fickle!

stephen king - o cemitério

Image by GraceOda via Flickr

It has come to my attention that people are looking for any subject that doesn’t matter. They jump at the chance when you write about drugs, or Prostitution, or some other ramification of what Ya Ya land is all about. But, when it comes to subject matter content,  the people searching the Internet are nothing more than first grade, or should I say Kindergarten or less.  I think their intellectual ability is below the lowest intellect possible. Does this apply to You?

If you are one of those formidable caharacters that believes that you are not in the bottom ranks of the intellect of the Universe, then you should show your true character and do away with trivia, and pronostication of the mindless. Join in and proffer subject matter that is real to the world, in which we live. If you can not make a viable contribution then just go hide in your corner. Because, no one really cares, about you, your feelings, or your wealth.  I am not wealthy and I am not poor, but I have a mind that is set on what is happening in my corner of the world. Can you match it? Lets’ see?

I went to University, did you? A no brainer! Did Mama and Daddy pay your way? Why? Were you too lazy, too rich, too weak, too stupid and did they have to make a great contribution to the University, just so you could get in? Big names, big gains, and little knowledge comes from this. Can you stand up and be counted when it comes to common sense, or does mama take care of this too! What happens when you must go to work? Do your parents get the job for you, because you are incapable, if so, what kind of life will you have? I wonder!

Life is about choices, can you decide for yourself? Or, is it? Mama doesn’t like this or that  Papa  has a different plan for me. Oh, how fickle can this be. Depending on your parents to do the work for you, vouching for your ability, when they know that you are truly not qualified. Because, they have been taking care of you forever. And no-one lets go! Most of all you! Spoiled from the beginning, only to end with a first grade intellect. What can you do on your own? This is the question!

It does not matter if you have bought your degree or your parents did. The point being, what can you do? Are you capable, can you pass the test of time? Can people depend on you, your knowledge, your understanding, your wisdom, your character and most of all your honesty? All of us must pass the test to face ourselves in front of our peers! Money will not do this, money can not buy you the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the Human race!

We grow from adolesense, into adulthood this is a form of nature. What we do, how we manage, and how we grow is a different matter all together. We are swamped with choices, some that may affect our lives, and a vast majority that has nothing to do with what we will grow up to be. These are the choices that you must be aware of, being poor is not the end of the world. Being rich is not the act of the kings, so do not flaunt it, in todays world, you can have it and it is gone in moment. So do not take anything for granted, nor it may not last forever.

Be humble, forgiving and love thy neighbor for you never know when you may need to call on them!