Genetic Testing? If you are playing the right Sport!

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Is this what you want for your kid? All kids are not super man when it comes to Athletics. The greater percentage of kids are just normal. They prefer not being forced into something they are not and will never be! Parents, guardians just lighten up, you are only a kid once!

Sports and physical activity should be fun for kids. It shouldn’t be, ‘You’re going to be the world’s greatest athlete’ or ‘Give up now, kid, because you won’t have a chance’, because of your genes. Genetic testing can’t measure the passion a young person has for an activity, so says, director of coaching education and development at Michigan State’s Institute for the Study of Youth Sports. While someone might be predisposed to be successful in a certain sport, it doesn’t mean they’re going to enjoy it or want to work hard at it.

One of the biggest factors that influences how committed a child is to a particular sport over time isn’t genetic or even physiological.  It’s whether they develop a passion and an intrinsic motivation to train because this is what they enjoy versus doing it because their parents insisted that they do it.

The gene-testing companies are also playing into fears parents may have about their children’s health. American International Biotechnology Services, which markets Sports X Factor, tells parents it’s a safety precaution. “We want to make sure [kids] are not out there blindly playing with one of these mutations and have a heart attack or a concussion,” CEO Bill Miller said. “It gives parents peace of mind that their kid is not going to drop dead in the middle of a workout.”

And what about overzealous parents who may be wont to use test results to steer kids toward a sport they don’t love and away from one they do? Many parent are obsessed with their kids, being a top sportsman. Whilst, never giving the first thought to what the child wants to do. Perhaps, your kid is better at playing the piano, than playing American football, Baseball or Basketball. What happens if the kid, is tested as it implies that he should not play sports, and he loves it, then what do you do? What value is the testing, when it comes to the kids future? Yes, he may be tested and identified as being a good sportsman in high school, but not a great one. Perhaps he is not destined to be on the All Stars at College, or the Pros. Let you kid do what he/she wants to do, and not you making him into what you could not be!