E-Coli, the Finger-pointing begins!

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The finger-pointing has begun. Where did this outbreak come from and who is responsible, is a very big question. It seems as if Germany is the central focal point of the problem, with cases being found in other countries, as well. Now, Spain is calling for compensation before it can be proven that they are not the party that started this E-coli outbreak. Yes, they were the initial suspect. But after further investigation it was found that they were not the responsible ones.

European governments are scrambling to find the source of an E-coli outbreak that has killed at least 16 people and sickened more than 1,000 others in Germany, Sweden and other European nations.

The bacteria was first linked to contaminated Spanish cucumbers imported into Germany. But German officials said on Tuesday that recent tests have disproved the theory that the Spanish imports were the source of the deadly outbreak. “Germany recognises that the Spanish cucumbers are not the cause,” Robert  Kloos, Germany’s state secretary for agriculture said during an EU farm  ministers meeting in Hungary. The statement came a day after German ministers and disease experts met in Berlin to discuss the bacterial  outbreak that health pundits have called one of the worst of its kind worldwide.

Health experts at the Stockholm-based European Centre for Disease prevention and Control (ECDC), which monitors disease in the EU, have identified the disease as hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS), a serious complication of a type of E-coli known as Shiga toxin-producing E-coli (STEC).

The outbreak has caused diplomatic tensions between Germany, Spain, France, and Russia – with Moscow banning some vegetable imports and threatening to extend the ban to the whole European Union. Rosa Aguilar, Spain’s agricultural minister, criticised Germany’s original accusation of its cucumbers. “Germany accused Spain of being responsible for the E-coli contamination in  Germany, and it did it with no proof, causing irreparable damage to the Spanish production sector,” she said.

I would think it most important to find the cause, and not become entangled in legal accusations of who done it! There is time to debate the legal issues about compensation. For the moment we must stop the spread of the contaminated source of the E-coli outbreak and provide a cure of those that have been infected. Hopefully no more people will die from this before we get to the bottom of the problem.

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