A Salesman- Lessons to be learned

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If you have never been a salesman, then you probably don’t understand what you are missing. If you want to succeed in life then you surely should try the salesman’s route. You will learn a lot and the experiences will be worth their weight in gold.

  • You’ll learn to negotiate. Every job involves negotiating: With peers, with other departments, even with your boss.  Salespeople learns to listen, evaluate variables, identify key drivers, overcome objections, and find ways to reach agreement — without burning bridges.
  • You’ll learn to close. Asking for what you want is difficult for a lot of people.  Closing a sale is part art, part science.  Getting others to agree with you, and follow your direction, is also part art and part science.  If you aspire to a leadership position, you must be able to close. Great salespeople know how to close.  Great supervisors and managers do too.
  • You’ll learn persistence. Salespeople hear the word “no” all the time.  Over time you’ll start to see “no” as a challenge, not rejection.
  • You’ll learn self discipline. If you work for a big company, sometimes you can sleepwalk your way through a day and still get paid.  When you work on commission, “If it is to be, it’s up to me,” is your credo.  Sales is a great way to permanently connect the mental dots between performance and reward.
  • You’ll learn to work well with a wide range of people at all levels. Plus, working in sales is the perfect cure for shyness.  Learn to step forward with confidence, especially under duress or in a crisis, and you can take on any role in an organization.
  • If you want to own a business, you’ll always be in sales. Every business is an extension of its owner.  Even if they have a sales team, a business owner is always involved in sales.   (In many companies the owner still handles the major sales personally —  or at the very least is brought into the process to help close the  deal.)  An entrepreneur who can’t sell faces a major challenge.  Gaining  sales skills will help you win financing, bring in investors, line up  distribution deals, land customers — in the early stages of starting a  company, everything involves sal

Understanding the sales process and how to build customer relationships  is incredibly important, regardless of the industry or career you  choose.  Spending one or two years in a sales role is an investment that will pay dividends forever.

To be a true success you must learn the above, it applies to every job you will ever have. When you apply for a new position, or job, you are in the selling mode. You are trying to get the company you are applying to; to accept you, to accept your credentials, to accept your references. So if you are not good enough at selling yourself, then how can you expect some company to accept you as the right person to satisfy its needs.

Try it. you might learn something, and sometimes it does not boil down to what schools you went too, but how you present yourself in that all important Job interview. Did you make a sale or did you blow it?