Strauss-Kahn, being a Little Chauvinistic

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A Feminist Group in Paris said friends and allies of Strauss-Kahn had downplayed the plight of the alleged victim in their rush to defend the Socialist, who until his fall was well placed to beat President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012 elections

The groups said that 75,000 women were raped in France every year and that sexist language in public tended to minimise the gravity of crime, turning it into a vague and more or less acceptable act.

The groups referred to specific statements, including one by former culture minister and Strauss-Kahn ally Jack Lang, who said Strauss-Kahn should have been released on bail earlier, considering that “nobody has died”.

Journalist Jean-François Kahn, no relation, denied rape had taken place and dismissed the affair as “troussage de domestique”, a phrase that evokes a master having non-consensual sex with a servant.

At a time when everyone is concerned about privacy law and super-injunctions, France is often held up as a beacon of civility, where no one needs to know about the private lives of politicians.

But I would argue the opposite, and look no further than the coverage by the French Press of the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the IMF, on charges including unlawful imprisonment and attempted rape of a chambermaid.

What do we know about this man? The French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy has defended him. Well, he had form on this: he defended Polanski.

Many French people believe this is a set-up, possibly by the Russians. Many on the Left think it is pure anti-French prejudice by the Americans. ‘I love women, et alors?’ said Strauss-Kahn. Et alors indeed.

Is this truly a conspiracy in the making. What imagination the French people have, and they blam this is on the Russians. I would have thought they would at least blame it on George W. Bush, he seems to get blamed for everything.

In France you become a Hero in the rest of the world a Jerk, for being too stupid to think  that you are above the LAW! Who are you, or should I say, Who were you. Now, just a Registered Sex Offender! Wow, what success you have achieved. And too think you went from the top to the bottom in a Minute! What arrogance, is this a male chauvinistic thing! Or just YOU!