Have a GRUDGE; Just Blow-it-up! CHINA

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Desparate people do desperate things, and the result people get hurt!

At least 39 people injured after disgruntled employee throws home-made petrol bomb into bank in Gansu province.

The Tianzhu government said on Friday that the Tianzhu Tianzhu County Rural Credit United Cooperative bank was targeted by Yang Xianwen, a former bank employee, fired last month after being accused of embezzlement.

It said he had thrown a bottle filled with gasoline into a meeting room, setting it ablaze.

The local government’s website stated that Yang “harboured a grudge, and committed arson in the name of revenge.”

No deaths are reported, despite earlier claims by the Xinhua state news agency that the bomb had caused “significant deaths and injuries“. A witness said that more than 10 people jumped out of a fourth floor window, where a meeting of bank executives was taking place. People carried the injured out of the building on stretchers, with their bodies visibly burned.

Police said they were “urgently” looking for Yang, who fled the scene immediately after the blast.

What will the disgruntled employees do next! It is very difficult to make your way in China! Too many people! Not enough jobs, and harsh Government! No, forgiveness!