A Family Matter!

I guess it is hard to be poor, and be the Brother of the President of the United States.

President Obama’s half-brother runs an off-the-books American charity that claims to support poor Kenyans — but it lies about its federal status and no one knows how it spends its money.

The Obama Brothers

The group, the Barack H. Obama Foundation, was named after the president’s father and founded by his sibling Abon’go Malik “Roy” Obama, a 53-year-old polygamist who recently made headlines by adding a third wife — who’s still in her teens. Its Web site claims to have provided drinking water in Kenya’s Siaya District, which includes the Obama clan’s ancestral village. The organization also says it has completed a madrassa, or Muslim school, and is building an imam’s residence. A photo of the tidy little school building is displayed on the site. That and other photos on the site are the only purported evidence that the nonprofit has accomplished any of its mission.

Malik started his charity the year his brother ran for president. The foundation claims to be a tax-exempt, federally recognized nonprofit. It is not. Nor are there any filings of its expenditures, which the IRS requires of larger charities. Since, the Obama Foundation appears never to have applied for 501(c)(3) status and consequently never filed an IRS Form 990, these apparent violations of Federal tax law and regulations constitute grounds for an investigation and the application of sanctions, if appropriate.

Our Complaint asks the IRS to determine the following:

(1) How much money was raised since the Barack H. Obama Foundation began soliciting public donations?

(2) To what bank account(s) were such funds deposited?

(3) How many individuals relied upon the misrepresentations as to the tax-deductibility of donations to the Obama Foundation found on their web page and made improper deductions?

(4) Were the funds collected ever used for charitable purposes or were they diverted to personal use by anyone associated with the Obama Foundation?

(5) If there was such a diversion, was income tax paid by individuals for any such income received by the Obama Foundation through its mail drop operation in Arlington, Virginia?

(6) Were the representations of charitable activities made on the Obama Foundation web site just as false an inducement as the misrepresentations as to the groups 501(c)(3) status.

It is not known to what extent President Obama is approving, or is aware, of his half-brother’s activities. In any case, the IRS must not give special treatment to the Obama Foundation.

“What more can be said. When it looks like a SCAM and feels like a Scam it must be a SCAM. In many cases it could be called an African/419.”