The Questions Begin?

Osama Bin Laden at 9 (by Latuff).

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Since the USA failed miserably in finding Osama Bin Laden for more than ten years, and 25 million dollar bounty on his head was never collected. Ultimately, resulting in thousands of dead innocents around the world, what can the hoop-la be about? Maybe, this will result in a slowdown of the terrorist networks, but can we be sure, and if so, why has the world been put on alert? We can celebrate for the moment, but we have no guarantee that we will be safe tomorrow. Because number two (2) has become number one (1), and he was the master-mind behind  al-Qaeda for Osama Bin Laden. Just cutting off the head will not kill the network! We must kill the network!

“They didn’t find Osama in Logar, they didn’t find him in Kandahar,” declared Afghan president Hamid Karzai. “They didn’t find him in Badakhsahn, in Kabul or in Parwan. They found him in Abbotabad, in Pakistan,” he said.

Although president Karzai made sure he included a word of appreciation for the sacrifices of NATO and the United States, the frustration in his tone was clear. “NATO and the world did not hear our call for ten years,” he said. “We burned and burned. Osama was killed in Abbotabad.”

The town of Abbotabad, where Osama bin Laden was killed, is home to Pakistan’s military academy. According to Hassan Abbas, professor of South Asian politicsand security at Columbia University who lived there in the early 1980s, there is a security zone of about 5km around the academy, where surveillance is high. “The house was only about two miles from the military academy, clearly within the security radius,” Mr Abbas told Al Jazeera.

In recent times, military installations in particular have been the target of frequent attacks by insurgents and terrorist groups. “This should have been more reason for increasing security around the military academy, and the house should have been checked, given the high walls and barbed wire,” said Mr Abbas.

Afghan-Pakistan relations

In his reaction to the death, Karzai – and his government – has made sure to stress the proximity of the town to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. The tone in his speech yesterday was reminiscent of the early years of the “war on terror”, when the Karzai government assiduously criticised the Pakistani military establishment – particularly the ISI – for not doing enough to go after al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders. Frustrated and exhausted by the fact that his allies could not assert enough pressure on Pakistan, Karzai reconsidered his approach in recent years. He stopped publicly criticising Pakistan and instead tried reaching out to them in the hope of finding a regional solution to the war.

The USA will continue to pump money into these failed societies, in trying to prove to the world that we are the good guys, when the world has a dim view of the USA. They look upon us as the war-monger, the imperialist and the dominators for Power. Hotdogfish!