Living in A Peaceful Neighborhood?

The Arab Spring has eroded many of the conventional assumptions about the relationship between dictators, Islamists and the West.

In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria, we heard dictators playing the Islamist card for three decades – “support us unless you want the terrorists to win”.

The reality has been quite different. Dictators from Musharraf to Mubarak have relied on terrorists and extremists to bring in the US aid they so desperately need to survive.

In the case of the Pakistani Army, they have been only too happy to feed the hand that bites them. Musharraf, having worn out the patience of both the Pakistani public and his US patrons was finally forced out in August 2008. He has been replaced with a weak civilian government that has served as little more than a useful facade for an army that remains addicted to both jihad and US money.

Today, the US continues to lavishly fund the Pakistani military, while using drones and secret soldiers such as Raymond Davis to attack the extremist forces that the same regime supports. It is up to the US to stop feeding the beast.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari defended his country against accusations it did not do enough to track down bin Laden, but made no direct comment on
alleged intelligence failures.”Although the events of Sunday were not a joint operation, a decade of cooperation and partnership between the United States and Pakistan led up to the
elimination of Osama bin Laden as a continuing threat to the civilized world,” Zardari wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post.Underneath a headline reading “Pakistan did its part,” he added: “we in Pakistan take some satisfaction that our early assistance in identifying an Al-Qaeda courier ultimately led to this day.”

But Zardari offered no explanation on how bin Laden managed to live for years undetected in Abbottabad, a hillside retreat popular with retired Pakistani
generals just a few hours’ drive from Islamabad. “He was not anywhere we had anticipated he would be, but now he is gone,” Zardari wrote.

When I think about this story of how Osama bin Laden was able to live a peaceful life in a Million dollar villa, in an area of Pakistan without detection for so many years is unbelievable. The USA has the latest technology, satellite imagery, drones flying over-head and yet we took 10 years and how many millions of US Taxpayer money to come to this day in History. Now that Number one of yesterday has been taken out, What about the new number one from today? Will he do the same, and evade us for another ten years, whilst killing hundreds and thousands of innocent people. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg, as we do not know what lies beneath. It has taken x numbers of years to fight the Taliban, and we still have not won this battle, and maybe we will never win, just give-up out of desperation. The USA is notorious for starting an engagement, in which they can not succeed, they just like to give away money to bad government leaders, who gladly accept it without being accountable.

Stand up and end this terrorist Cell, just get on with-it and use the intelligence you already have at hand. It does exist, so use it