MotorCycles the Worst in Thailand!

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What is wrong with this picture?

In Thailand it is illegal to ride a motorcycle or to be a passenger without a helmet, to ride with more than two passengers, to overtake in traffic, to go the wrong way down one-way streets, to exceed the speed limit, or to jump start at red lights, which means very little to anyone in Thailand and driving habits here are dreadful. If you decide rent a motorbike, make sure you have medical insurance and it is up to date as accidents here are a daily occurrence.

Driving habits in Thailand are appalling and most drivers are quite irresponsible and ignore simple safety rules. In contrast to the Thai’s usual polite and peaceful behaviour, they become quite inconsiderate behind the wheel. Be very wary of your speed and always look out for bad drivers, Pattaya is full of them. Unlike many western countries, it’s very easy to pass a driving test here, so many drivers have little or no experience of driving either in towns or on main roads. Many simply don’t have a license at all or any awareness of road rules. Be prepared at any time for other drivers to suddenly pull out in front of you without even looking, stop without warning, overtake dangerously (and on the inside) and ignore motorcyclist. Some people just stop and park where it suits them, weave through the traffic with a death wish, ride the wrong way up the road  into on-coming traffic and more. Do pay careful attention and drive conservatively.

The Government, the police and all persons responsible for Traffic control, fail miserably. Even the police break the law when riding the motorcycles So, the Thai
do not learn, or maybe I should say do not want to learn about traffic safety, if it is not obeyed, by the ones’ responsible for enforcing the law. It is not just adults, it is the children ages 10-16 years old being allowed to drive on the roads and streets without a permit/license. They have no idea, about any rules for driving a Motorcycle, this also applies to driving a vehicle, and no-one cares for its Thailand. Driving without a license is a means for the police to be paid money and they take it gladly. Rules are made to be broken, and they are every single day.

Accidents are regular in Thailand and when they do occur, the offender is usually reluctant to accept responsibility, should the worst happen. Beware the
police are in it for the money they can extort from you if you are not Thai. It is most important that you keep in mind at all times “the foreigner is always wrong” even if you are in the right.


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