Thailand and Motorcycles!

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Thousands upon thousands of motorcycles running around in Thailand. No rules, no regulations to speak about and hundreds of accidents daily. families of 5 get on a motorcycle and go to market. The mother carrying a baby in arms, and others behind her.  This is an everyday occurrence, they pass a policeman and what does he do? Nothing! Because that’s’ the way it is; cheap transportation.

Motorcycles are used by every person to go shopping,  go drinking, go to Buddha and go to funerals. They see these accidents occurring, but no-one slows down. They come from the left, the right and the roads for them is just a raceway, they dart in an out of traffic as if they are untouchable, and then the next thing they know, they are in hospital, if they are not dead already, and what next! Re-habilitation and then they are back to it again! Doing the same things that put them in hospital in the first time, and it continues.

The Government, the police and all persons responsible for Traffic control, fail miserably. So, they almost give-up and the Thai people do not learn, or maybe I should say do not want to learn about traffic safety. It is not just adults, it is the children ages 10-16 years old being allowed to drive on the roads and streets without a permit/license. they have no idea about any rules for driving the Motorcycle, and no-one cares for its Thailand.

Everyday these same persons wind up in the Hospital in commas and they lose their lives because of carelessness, the parents cry, but it is too late. They let their children ride and drive the motorcycle without thought, until it happens to them.

What can we do? The police do nothing, the Government does nothing and the dying continues.



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  1. I spent five years in Chiang Mai, traveling everywhere by bicycle. Yep, those motorcycles are dangerous. Before that I rode in China, and now I ride in Hanoi. Chinese motorcycle traffic is so much safer.

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