Jobs, Education and the Future #10

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Getting started in building a career is what you make of it!

Are you confused about what to do “when you grow up?” Perhaps that’s because choosing a career isn’t so easy … not if you do it the right way. Some people seem to fall into the right career, but for most of us, finding something fulfilling to do with our lives takes quite a bit of effort. First you have to learn about yourself. That’s the only way to find out what careers are suitable for someone with your personality, values, interests and abilities. Then you have to learn about the occupations you are considering. An occupation that seems suitable for you based on your characteristics may have some features you find unappealing, such as a poor employment outlook. If you’re thinking that this seems like a lot of work, imagine how it will feel to spend at least eight hours seven days a week doing work you don’t enjoy.

While planning your career, don’t forget to start from your last career plan and spend some time jotting down your career reviews. If your career growth has lots of ups and downs, sit back and analyze your history and plan ahead. Past mistakes can guide you towards a better future. If you are content with your career growth, then continue along the path or find a significant way to grow further.

While planning your career, don’t forget about your likes and dislikes, since your likes two years ago may have changed. Take time to reflect on the new developments in your personal life, not just on the job front.Make two separate rows of likes and dislikes, and then use this list to analyze your current job path. If you feel your current job falls under the like column, then you can consider yourself lucky as you are on the right path. If it falls into the dislike category, then you need to examine your career and your available options. Career planning also gives you time to think about your hobbies and pastimes. It may sound bizarre, but sometimes these passions and hobbies give you insight into what you like doing on the job.

After your re-think about your plan and strategy and what is good and what is not so good, try to explore other avenues of building yourself, that career you have been dreaming about. Remember what your friends are doing may not be whats right for you. This comes down to individual choices, and you have to make that decision, only for you.

Your exploration should include:

  • Reading job descriptions to learn required skills, and competencies
  • Identifying education paths
  • Talking with employers in the field
  • Talking with people already working in the field
  • Learning about the typical work environment in your chosen field
  • Learning about related jobs
  • Reviewing compensation and advancement opportunities
  • Gauging the future

In the end when you make that final decision, it will be yours and no-one elses, and your career is 100% in your hands. Do not be afraid when you are just starting out to test the waters, gain valuable experience in everything you undertake. This will lead you to that career decision that is right for you, and your happiness and success will depend upon your commitments.



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