Jobs, Education and The Future #9

In has been a week or two since my last Post about “Jobs, Education and the Future”. In this part of the world universities and Schools are on Summer Break. The USA is just coming up to the Graduation period and the world will receive a few hundred thousand  new Job applicants. Beginners in a world of hard times, National and International jobs are limited, and more than likely there will be a large number of these new Graduates left out in the cold. This is the reality of what our Economies have become.  The USA is deeply in debt, as well as many countries in the EU. While we stress upon the younger generation to get the best possible education that they can, the opportunities are limited. This is the main reason that the Junior and Senior Students should spend an enormous amount of time with his/her  Councilors. They need to have clear ideas and a well constructed job search plan in place before they Graduate.

Your plan should include:

  • Start with a job-related Career Goals plan that will be the focus of your job hunt.
  • Think about the skills and experiences you have and the types of jobs that match. Use the Skills Profiler to identify your skills and the Occupation Profile to finding matching jobs. If needed, update your job goal(s) with what you learn about your skills and matching occupations.
  • Think about what you will need when you find jobs you want to apply for. Will they ask you to fill out a job application? Have your job application information ready. Will they ask for a resume and cover letter? Create or update your resume and cover letters to highlight what that employer is looking for. Use a Resume Tutorial to find detailed information about resumes and cover letters.
  • Learn about the employers you want to work for. Try networking with people in the field for information about employers. An Employer Locater is a good starting point to locate employers near you. You will need to contact each employer to see if they are hiring.
  • Identify good places to search for jobs.
  • Keep track of your money. Budgeting while job searching will help you to organize and prioritize your life while in transition.
  • Think long term. Expect to be job searching for 1-4 months, depending on the type of job you are looking for. Make a budget for the next few months.
  • Use or increase your professional skills while job searching. Sign up with temp agencies for short-term jobs in your field. Volunteer for a nonprofit agency or school in a position that uses your professional and technical skills. Even if you don’t get paid, it will look great on your resume and you can use these new clients as references.