Suppression of a Free Press in Thailand

Station building and one of the towers of Mota...

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Thai authorities have forced the closure of 13 anti-government radio stations in the biggest crackdown on dissident media since a state of emergency during street protests last year.

Thai E-News, a website associated with the anti-government Red Shirt movement, said stations based in Bangkok and its suburbs were raided Tuesday by police and government officials. Police confirmed the raids had been ordered and said the stations broadcast illegal statements defaming the monarchy. Insulting the monarchy is a serious crime in Thailand, though critics say it is often used to stifle dissent.

The raids come at a time of political tension, as there are fears the country’s powerful military disagrees with the prime minister’s plans to hold an election by early July.

Are we in line for another Coup, that would not be a surprise! The Military runs this country and are the most powerful organization, if they back the Government the Government stays in power, if they don’t then they kick them out the door. This is not a Democracy, it is a Military Ruled country, The Government even when elected are subject to over-throw by the Military.