Snipers in Damascus, Syria 23.04.2011

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We  can see how “mystery gunmen” fit into the overall mechanics of a color revolution. Their violence serves two purposes; to create enough chaos and bloodshed to force a government to step down, or to justify escalating anger and violence amongst the unsuspecting regular rank and file protesters. In Syria, we see these mystery gunmen fulfilling just this role. In Thailand, red shirt leaders have warned often that should the government fail to yield to their demands, a guerrilla war might begin. As we have seen in Libya, Syria and the Ivory Coast that is the next logical step, with foreign intervention not far behind.


As anti-government demonstrators brave volleys of live ammunition fired by the police and pro-government thugs, questions have invariably been asked as to
where they draw their courage from and who are behind the protests

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Many Syrians suspect that protesters have more than just reform as the agenda behind the current unrest and predict sectarian strife if the regime collapses.”If the regime falls, Syria will become an Islamic state,” one young Alawite, the minority sect that president Bashar al-Assad belongs to, said. “All women will have to be covered.”

That the protests first erupted in the southern city of Daraa have added to their suspicion.”Daraa is not known for being a hotbed for liberal thinking. Al-Tal, Harasta
and other Damascus suburbs which have seen big protests are also very conservative. These people are not necessarily calling for democracy and freedom. They have an Islamist agenda. All the protests have come out of the mosques,” a Christian Syrian said. To some at least, the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic group, could have had a
hand behind the protests.

Now the next hot-spot is on fire; again a Dictator killing his own people to stay in power! Why is it so hard for these men to become so violent towards the very people that supported them for many decades. Kept them at the top, stood by them against all foreign elements, when it really wasn’t necessary. These same people loved their Dictators, as the case in Libya. But when the winds of change started in Tunisia and moved to Egypt, and in some cases a non-violent change occurred, and the people stood firm in their demands, and the Dictators realized that it was time to go, rather than kill their own people. Then Gaddafi, who would die before he gave up his throne, and that is what is happening today and Syria is following Gaddafi’s lead.

How and when will this end? How many people will die, and how many lives will be destroyed? No one can answer that question! The UN will have debates, Obama can not be involved, he has too much debt to take care of back home. Now, he is starting out on the campaign trail wanting to win another four-year term. So his priorities or mixed. The UN can not resolve these problems alone. Russia and China stand on the sidelines watching without participating. Yet, they have the power to help but fail in the name of Humanity. Hotdogfish!