Whose Watching Our Children?

Eyes of the World

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Do you take the time to watch your children grow-up? Our Children, when they are newly born are so innocent of the world around them. They can not speak, they can only look at us with their big eyes. They can not say Mama or Papa I am hungry, I hurt or I love you! They just look at you with those deep eyes and occasionally smile when you giggle with them. And you think how much you love your son or daughter. And then they grow up and all you have are the memories of their being young.

Now, they are in school and their world and your world is about to change. Their lives are being influenced by outside sources and you no longer have that control, that you once thought you had. Your children are changing as the world around them changes, and all too often we the parent forget that they are growing up and we try with all our heart to keep them as they were when they were that young enfant being held in their mothers arms.

As they grow and start to learn about the world and  meet other boys and girls, our children change. Some for the better, some for the worse and these changes are not brought on by the parent, but by the society that we live in.

Our Children are watched by drug dealers, Pedifilia and pornographic rings, and any other people or organizations in the business of exploiting children. The internet the great social network of the world allows people of all ages to become exposed to these and other Evils of the world.

Parents watch what your children are doing on the internet, do not become complacent into thinking my child would never do that. Yes, they may be good in your presence, but something else, when they know you are not taking an interest in what they do, who they know and where they go. This happens when they have friends that have been pursuaded by their peers to try anything once. Peer pressure is probably the worst fear a parent should have when dealing with their children. Parents must continuously, take an interest in their children, no matter how old they become. Because we are never too old, we just think we are.

Our children have many pressures today, it is not easy for them to grow up in a world that is failing them. When our children graduate from college, they can not find a job, because the economy is bad and small and large businesses can not afford to hire new applicants. This being the case, the pressure grows until our siblings make a turn in thir personal lives that they will do anything to survive, and this is the time that we as the parent should step forward and lend a helping hand. Sometimes, that does not require finances, but a loving understanding, that we are there for them.

A parents views are not set in stone, we must be flexible because we are the parents of our children, and we  will always be just that! The hardest thing in life is to lose a child, someone we gave life to out of love, and to lose them because we  became complacent and stopped caring, is worse than death itself.

There are thousands of displaced children in the world that die everyday “out of hunger, out of neglect, without of love and by being alone” on the streets where no-one cares.