The truth Thailand wants to cover-up. The author of this article “Voranai Vanijaka Editor” Bangkok Post; has brought the dirty truth to the publics full attention. It has taken this reporters courage to expose the real situation in this country. This is only an excerpt of what he wrote. But, I thought it would follow the story about the Three teenage topless dancers at Songkran, the New Years celebration in Thailand!

She’s 12 years old. She has three older brothers. They are now 27, 18 and 15 years old. It started with the middle brother. He was the first to rape her. The oldest brother eventually found out. He didn’t put a stop to it. He too raped her. One day, by chance, the youngest brother saw her being raped. So he too raped her.

It went on for three years, which means she was first raped when she was nine years old. Two weeks ago, she went to see a doctor because of a viral infection. The doctor found out the truth. The authorities were informed. The brothers were arrested. The story became news.

Last week, officials went to visit the girl at her home. She was not there. Her ”guardians” had kicked her out of the house. This was because she told on her brothers; because she has brought shame to the family.

This latter story was published only in Thai Rath newspaper, confined to a few precious inches. The reporter happened to stumble upon the story while following Social Development and Human Security Minister Issara Somchai when he tried visiting the girl.

The reporter used the term ”guardians”, not ”parents”. The report also said that the girl’s teacher has since put her in a children’s home, where she would be safer, especially since her 15-year-old brother has been released on bail.

This story surfaced when the entire Kingdom’s attention was focused on three girls who danced topless in Silom during Songkran celebrations. Authorities expressed outrage, commenters plastered their consternation all over web boards and venom spewed forth from officials and well known figures. All of this was for the three topless girls. As for the unfortunate 12-year-old, her tragedy was no longer worthy of the front page; her tears weren’t worthy of the talk shows.

Sure, we cried foul when we first heard of the rapes. But perhaps the more despicable crime that few are talking about is the crime of her ”guardians”. Further within the realm of despicability is the fact that we so conveniently forgot about her, while instead obsessing over three pairs of teenage breasts.

Three years of rape _ how could the ”guardians” not know? Three years of rape, and they put the blame on a 12-year-old girl. They kicked her out of the house.

Our society likes to throw around the words ”culture” and ”tradition” as if they are ping-pong balls at a Patpong go-go bar. ”They’ve corrupted our
culture,” they scream. ”They’ve shamed our tradition,” they scold.

Not so. Songkran was corrupted the day we decided to turn it into a money-making business. It was shamed the day we thought it should become a tourist attraction. Both of which, I don’t think are big deals.

Are culture and tradition always so good? This I will tell you: The blame the ”guardians” put on the 12-year-old girl, raped for three years by her three brothers, also comes down to culture and tradition.

She shouldn’t have brought shame to the family. She shouldn’t have caused the loss of face. A good Thai daughter must keep skeletons in the closet – see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Instead, she must suffer in silence under all the evil. It’s called filial duty.

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This story must be told to the world, until such time as the Tourists coming to Thailand understand, that this is truly not a country of SMILES, but has a dark side, that affects the Thai image and the Culture they profess to preserve. “The most beautiful fish in the sea are the most deadly!” What we see from the outside is not necessarily what is beneath the charade. HOTDOGFISH!